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Through a looking glass



Im sure we are not far from a sci-fi life in reality. As days and months go we are constantly being introduced to the next -gen, smart, futuristic and what not devices. So much so that newer devices are being introduced to the market that is more portable and easy to carry around packed more and more with feature- rich capabilities – one better than the other. These are now called wearable technology catering to a whole new audience “on the go”. Opening a whole wide window for developers to create newer apps, software, etc.. Anywhere you go, everyone has one a high-tech gadget for work or pleasure. How dependent we have become – i cant complain they have made our lives so much easier and productive.
Speaking of wearable technology, I was given a Moverio BT-200 to try and test for a while now. The Moverio is a ready to wear smart glass technology by Epson that allows you to project (very similar to a projector instead you wear them) images, video, documents, etc. on a floating screen. 

So lets see the features:
Ideal for:
– I liked the idea of having a portable device when traveling or when having those long waits
– Also good use for kids / teens when sitting back of a car or researching
– Good space saver with small rooms
– Enjoy content in private while still experiencing the innovative micro-projection and see-through imaging technology
– A good alternative to TV/ iPad when you don’t want to disturb anyone late at night 🙂
– Small business presentations
Look & Display:
– Binocular, transparent, wearable display: You can view content, front and center, on “floating”80-inch perceived screen The display is bit grainy at times and advisable to project it front of a more darker background. These binocular, transparent smart glasses – each lens has its own display. Though the glasses are light it feels a bit heavy after a long continuous wear. It is comes with a front-facing camera and motion tracker projecting 2D or 3D images in front of you.
– Enjoy a wide range of content — interactive track pad and smart navigation menus put Android-based games, apps and content at your fingertips
– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity — allows you to browse the web, stream content, check email, etc. You can also play games but it kept giving an error when trying to connect.
– The BT-200 can also connect with other devices, including smartphones, using Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA and Miracast.
Camera and motion tracker built in — ideal for hands-free applications
– Removable memory — built-in card slot supports up to 32GB microSDHC card
– Battery Life: It runs about four to five hours
Availability: Available in major retail stores in the UAE costs approx. AED 2,545/-

I enjoyed trying all the features and feeling like sci-fi spy:). I believe little more improvisation and the glasses definitely have lot of potential for being the next best cool product