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GGICO selects Levtech to implement Microsoft Dynamics

Abhilash Nair, IT Manager, GGICO
Abhilash Nair, IT Manager, GGICO

GGICO a conglomerate listed publicly in the Dubai Financial Market, with widely diversified activities in real estate, retail, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing and services – selects Levtech to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX & CRM.

With a view to streamline Group operations, GGICO systematically pursued the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM at the Head Office. A key requirement was the real estate division’s need to centralise and streamline their operations so that the team could respond to everyday functions from property sales/marketing to maintenance more effectively.

In addition, Levtech introduced a new solution called ‘LevEstate’ that extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX to help GGICO manage the entire life cycle of a customer interaction from leads, property listings, sale transaction to facility management. Microsoft Dynamics AX also ensured that the back-office financial operations and inventory management processes were effectively managed.

“There are several functions within a Group company that requires unconstrained communication between every department, partners and the customer. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP along with LevEstate offers a comprehensive and flexible platform for us to manage key processes across financials, inventory management, investments, property sales activities and maintenance effectively,” said Abhilash Nair, IT Manager, GGICO. “We are glad to have partnered with Levtech as their expertise and robust add-on solution offers the agility and scalability for us to manage our sales processes more effectively and provide high quality customer service,” added Nair.

Anilesh Kumar, Business Development Director, Levtech Consulting said, “We are glad to assist GGICO in achieving their business objectives by offering a customer-centric solution that covers all aspects of the operations. Following the implementation, GGICO has seen improved collaboration between departments; allowing them to offer improved services to its customers. We now look forward to extending the LevEstate solution to cover additional aspects of the business such as a customer portal, marketing automation, call telephony and social media integration. We also plan to further leverage reporting and BI capabilities on Dynamics AX and CRM, in the next phase.”


New tech & gadgets online shop

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http://www.ensureshopping.com claims to exclusively offer a range of IT and Mobility products to shoppers across GCC, in the best possible time and at very competitive rates. Based out of Dubai, UAE, the online shopping portal aims to reach IT and Mobile Connectivity products to the discerning customers based in the UAE and across the Gulf.

http://www.ensureshopping.com offers products from leading global IT & Telecom brands. Ensureshopping offers a secure payment gateway and a credible logistics partner which ensures deliveries reach the customer within 24 to 48 hours. For customers who do not use Credit and Debit cards, the portal offers ‘Cash on Delivery’.

“The Middle East has a high Internet penetration and some statistics hint at over 90% internet penetration in UAE. With more consumers shopping online and a number of online shopping options, consumers have started looking for differentiated experiences online. At ensureshopping.com we have tried to bring a new experience i.e. the fun of bargaining online through our ‘Bargain Center’. For a selected range of products on ensureshopping.com, consumers can give their price and we try to match it. This helps us understand the perceived value of products listed on the site which could help us in future pricing decisions. We believe we are the first portal in Middle East to offer the concept of bargaining online. In addition, we are also reaching out to corporates to assist them with their IT purchases through our ‘Corporate’ section. We know that consumers who work for corporates shop online, therefore, it’s the right time for corporates to also explore shopping online and get more value for their IT purchases.” says Rahul Nanda, General Manager- ensureshopping.com.

Ensure Shopping also offers ‘Bargain Centre’ where a customer quotes his or her own price for a specific product and then a Customer Service Representative contacts them on approval of their quoted price. Consumers/ shoppers have the option of quoting a discount of upto 50% on the listed price and then the site managers will oversee whether the product can be given away at the quoted discount or no.

http://www.ensureshopping.com offers Corporate consumers with great price packages and express delivery options.

Isam K. Kabbani Deploys Nexthink’s Solution Across Its Group

Zohdi El-Saadi, Chief Information Officer, IKK Group Established by Sheikh Isam Kabbani, the IKK Group is recognized as one of the top 50 companies in Saudi Arabia in the construction industry. IKK Group today announced that it is deploying Nexthink’s IT analytics solution through its partner ProgressWays to better serve its customers and enable the group to further diversify its operations.

IKK Group understands that technology is key to help the organization meet its business objectives. IKK Group’s Centralized Information Technology Department (CITD) is tasked with delivering high level of service to its customers across 6 locations; including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Oman and Lebanon. Any IT failure or service disruption can impact customer service and harm IKK Group’s reputation. With the help of ProgressWays, Nexthink offers improved visibility, and can easily detect issues and identify patterns in its IT environment – ensuring enhanced performance and efficiency.

Zohdi El-Saadi, Chief Information Officer, IKK Group said, “We can see how our IT infrastructure is operating and transforming, in real-time with Nexthink. This new insight helps our IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate. We are able to generate reports for senior management in just a few clicks, which saves our IT support team around 50% of time compared to generating these reports the old fashioned way before using Nexthink.”

Ghassan I. Alkahlout, Regional Director, Nexthink said, “Nexthink offers IKK Group insightful information of its IT infrastructure; giving early warning of impending issues and the ability to discover bottlenecks and proactively take action before end-users are impacted. This enables the IT team to detect and solve problems faster.”
Wael F. Suleiman, VP Sales, ProgressWays said, “Initially the IT team spent a lot of time and resources to discover and resolve issues across different locations. With Nexthink, IKK Group’s IT department has the visibility into the challenges employees (end-users) face, and can transition from reactive to proactive IT support, and improve problems. ProgressWays will continue to work closely with the IKK IT team to help deliver its business objectives.”

The Abu Dhabi Department Of Finance Improves IT Governance With Nexthink

The Financial Arm of the Government, Abu Dhabi Department of Finance (DOF) has selected Nexthink to implement IT governance; to provide best-in-class financial services and continuity of facilities to local businesses as well as employees.

The DOF plays an essential role in maintaining and developing the government’s financial system, by linking all local government entities and overseeing an integrated management system for financial resources. For such a significant operation, proper functioning of the IT infrastructure and early diagnosis of issues is crucial; to ensure service to employees (end-users) and local businesses is unaffected at all times. Nexthink provides DOF real-time visibility of their infrastructure and accurately shows how software and IT services are being consumed within the entity; enabling the resolution of issues much faster.

“Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT governance, enabling us to better manage demand, deliver value and protect against risk. Nexthink helps us improve efficiency and productivity, enabling us to resolve issues faster and provide a more proactive level of support,” said Dr. Hazem Turki Alkhatib, CIO, Abu Dhabi Department of Finance. “Also with enormous volume and confidential data, we have a strict security policy that involves our security team to be on the lookout for any suspicious activities. With Nexthink’s investigative IT analytics technology, we are able to detect malware before it spreads into our network and compromises any data.”

The Abu Dhabi DOF strives for continued excellence and innovation by improving asset and savings management, controlling costs and efficient service delivery. Recognized for adopting the latest technologies, the IT team of the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance is responsible for delivering software and services to more than 2,500 employees (end-users) located in its head office and branches across the emirate of Abu Dhabi. With Nexthink, the IT team of DOF is now able to gather comprehensive performance metrics and accurately measure the health of its infrastructure; by receiving real-time alerts concerning non-compliant user behavior and issues therefore improving the quality of service through a better utilized network.

“We are pleased to work with the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance and support its mission to foster an effective financial management framework across the Abu Dhabi government. The IT Analytics solution provided by Nexthink can offer tangible benefits to governmental agencies such as Abu Dhabi Department of Finance to enhance operational efficiency, reduce IT costs, secure data and streamline IT services,” said Maged Eid, Regional Director, Nexthink.

Nexthink Awards Emitac Enterprise Solutions Partner of the

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As an initiative to acknowledge top performing partners, Nexthink, the unique provider of End-user IT Analytics, awarded Emitac Enterprise Solutions as “Platinum Partner of the Year” in the Middle East. Emitac Enterprise Solutions was recognized for its outstanding performance and customer service in 2013 that significantly helped improve Nexthink’s growth in the region.

Emitac Enterprise Solutions has been a strategic partner of Nexthink since 2012, delivering integrated and innovative solutions to customers and enabling them to achieve true value from their IT investments. Emitac Enterprise Solutions and Nexthink’s joint customers in the region include the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance, Abu Dhabi Municipality, du, and ADCO amongst others.

“We would like to congratulate Emitac Enterprise Solutions for its performance in 2013. Emitac Enterprise Solutions’ strong expertise and market knowledge has helped extend our customer reach in the Middle East,” said Maged Eid, Regional Director Middle East, Nexthink. “Nexthink is fully committed to helping our partners succeed by providing training, marketing and support resources that enable our partners to leverage End-user IT Analytics in building a sustainable growth engine for their business,” added Maged.

Miguel Angel Villalonga, CEO, Emitac Enterprise Solutions said, “Emitac Enterprise Solutions is proud to receive the Partner of Year award, which truly reflects our commitment and team efforts. Nexthink’s End-user IT Analytics is the perfect complement to our solution portfolio and our vision, bringing IT departments a new level of visualization and actionable insight, which helps companies run their operations more efficiently. We look forward to a stronger collaboration in the future.”

Nexthinkprovides real-time visibility and analytics on the usage of the entire IT infrastructure and endpoints from the end-user perspective. All important end-user related events, for example changes in the IT infrastructure, application usage, bandwidth, error messages and crashes, as well as potential security risks and the performance of IT services are recorded and visualized from the end-user perspective.

iSurf Tablets Launches In The Middle East And Africa

isurf-2Singaporean tablet manufacturer, iSurf PTE Limited; today announced its entry into the Middle East and Africa through an exclusive distribution tie-up with Mitsumi Distribution. Feature-rich iSurf tablets will now be available in 8 distinct models; targeting a wide-consumer audience.

With a new clamshell design, the iSurf range is based on latest Android Jelly Bean operating system. The tablets are slim, light and come in different form factor featuring 8000 mAh long battery life. The high end Tablet features a 10.1-inch display with a 2048 x 1536 Retina pixels resolution and 5.0 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front facing camera. Connectivity options on the tablets include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G/ 2G. The iSurf product offers a higher memory, faster processor, multi-touch/multi- tasking, FM Radio, Internet browsing, TV, Music, Video streaming and social networking. The tablet also comes pre-loaded with games like Angry birds with other popular applications.

Mr. Zhong, Regional Director, iSurf Technology said, “We are delighted to partner with Mitsumi to launch our innovative solutions to consumers in the Middle East and Africa. We invest extensively on product Research and Development; iSurf range truly exemplifies this. The all-new 8 models are suitable for consumers of different budget and age groups offering complete connectivity, entertainment and productivity.”

Mitesh Shah, Managing Director, Mitsumi Distribution said, “We are glad to partner with iSurf, acting as a gateway to the MEA market. With decades of channel experience, strong team, logistic facility; we are well-equipped to help iSurf target the region. The tablets are a breakthrough in consumer technology and we will continue to see strong demand.”

ESET Uncovers How Trojan Stole Login Credentials of Over 16,000 Facebook Users

ESET, the leader in proactive protection against Internet threats with a 20 year history, has discovered a social engineering trojan horse. The piece of malware was managed to steal the login credentials of more than 16,000 Facebook users. The focus of the malware was on stealing personal Facebook (FB) login details and linking these with the user statistics of Texas HoldEm Poker, in case the victim plays this game. It needs to be added that the targeted application is a legitimate and very popular FB application by Zynga Inc. According to AppData, the application has a monthly share of 35 million active users.

ESET began studying the Trojan at the beginning of 2012. However, due to its proactive generic detection of this threat, the users of ESET security solutions were protected against it already from December 2011. During the investigation ESET could not provide any details about this threat publicly.

The attacker used the malware to gain the user’s FB login credentials, his/her score in the game, as well as information on  the amount of credit cards stored in his/her Facebook settings and available to increase the credit in the game of poker. The game had a functionality that allowed replenishing the chip value using real money by inputting the credit card details or PayPal account. To gain the user’s login credentials, an army of 800 of computers were used – all infected and controlled by the attacker. These machines were executing commands from the C&C (Command & Control) server. The creator of the threat has launched an attack using the login credentials of several FB accounts, which were gained ahead of time.

To protect against attacks relying on social engineering methods, having a good security solution is not enough, users should be attentive to \any such ploys,” says Róbert Lipovský, ESET Security Intelligence Team Lead. He adds “The user could recognize the fake FB login page if he/she would check the site’s URL.”

The infected computers received a command to login into the user’s FB accounts and to gain the user’s Texas HoldEm score, as well as the amount of credit cards stored in his/her FB account. In case of a user without a credit card or low score, the infected computer received instructions to infect the victim’s FB profile with a link to a phishing site. This site has acted to directly or indirectly lure the player’s FB friends to a website resembling the FB homepage. In case the login credentials were input by them, they were also harvested by the attacker. While analyzing this botnet ESET estimates that the attacker could gain access to a total of 16,194 login credentials. ESET would like to caution that any other FB application could have been infected in this way, not just Texas HoldEm Poker.

The number of threats utilizing Facebook is rapidly growing. To counter this trend, ESET has introduced a security application ESET Social Media Scanner which is available free of charge and is capable of scanning the user’s profile for the presence of malicious and phishing links. On top of that, the app can detect malicious links on the timeline of user’s Facebook friends

ESET Introduces Advanced Security Soultions For Social Media Users And Against Theft

ESET, the leader in proactive digital protection announces the latest release of its flagship products – ESET Smart Security 6 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6. The new generation provides an even greater detection of infiltrations, improved cleaning and faster scanning due to its updated engine.

Available in all leading retail/ distributor stores; ESET Smart Security 6 provides all-in-one internet security against data/ device theft, while ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 is a fast and powerful detection and scanning. Another important enhancement is its improved malware cleaning to address challenging malware families.

“ESET Core Development has worked hard on redesigning the whole scanning engine, which is central to all ESET products. Now, due to faster processing of our engine, scanning itself is more effective. These products incorporate the new third generation of the ESET’s ThreatSense and ThreatSense.Net Advanced Heuristics with LiveGrid,” says Pavel Luka ESET Chief Technology Officer.

Aji Joseph, General Manager, ESET Middle East said, “ESET’s new offering addresses the needs of today’s consumers to secure data with better online experience. Introduction of several important features such as Anti-theft, Social Media scanner and advanced scanning engine will offer users enhanced security from potential and malicious threat.”

Selected features and benefits of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 and ESET Smart Security 6

Anti-Theft–The feature automatically helps locate missing notebooks and makes it possible to monitor activity on lost or stolen devices, and displays its position on a map based on visible Wi-Fi network range when online. Introduction of a dedicated Anti-Phishing module offers complex protection against digital identity theft.

ESET Social Media Scanner –It protects social media users and their friends from malicious content, including profile, the wall, newsfeed and private messages – even when the user is not logged in. If a virus is detected, users are immediately notified by email. The app also helps the user’s friends stay a safe distance from malicious content, checking their walls for potentially dangerous links. More on the scanner can be found on http://www.eset.com/social-media-scanner.

Anti-Phishing Module – Protects attempts to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or banking and credit card details by fake websites masquerading as trustworthy ones.

Personal Firewall – Prevents unauthorized users accessing the computer and taking advantage of personal data. The users can go online without worries to shop, bank and use social media.

Parental Control – Helps keep kids safe on the internet with categories of sites to block depending on age.

Idle-State Scanning – Performs in-depth scans when the computer is not used, aiding system performance and detecting potential inactive threats before they can cause any damage.

Antivirus and Antispyware – Provides proactive protection against all types of online/o­ffline threats and prevents malware spreading to other users.

Cloud­-powered Scanning – Speeds up scans by whitelisting safe files based on ESET’s file reputation database.

Scan While Downloading Files – Decreases access time to downloaded files by scanning them already during the download process.

Homes r Us drives sales and brand loyalty with Capillary Customer Engagement solutions

Capillary Technologies, a leading provider of Intelligent Customer Engagement software and services with presence in the UAE, announced that it has successfully helped Homes r Us, the renowned home furniture and furnishings brand in the GCC in increasing store sales and customer retention through its solutions. In the last year, Homes r Us has seen a 140% improvement in its registered customer base along with 30 times Return on Investment from targeted personalized consumer engagement campaigns powered by Capillary.

Capillary Technologies is present strongly across the Middle East and Africa including UAE through a robust partner and customer service channel to support consumer facing businesses.

Being a mid-market focused retailer in a highly competitive segment, Homes r Us identified a strategic requirement for consistent business growth – a flexible yet comprehensive solution to identify, monitor and engage its loyal customer base, and convert more walk-ins into loyal customers. Homes r Us deployed Capillary’s CRM and Loyalty suite across all its stores in GCC to build brand affinity and manage customer relationships.

“We chose Capillary because it has the best value-for-money retail customer engagement solution available in the market today. Capillary’s CRM and bundled retail analytics, integrate seamlessly with our Point of Sales, to capitalize on the company’s vision of extended customer service and rewarding customers loyal to the brand “in the moment”. The company store staff now has immediate access to accurate and intelligent information that allows them to engage with our customers better,” observes Srikanth Parthasarathy, Senior Vice President, Homes r Us. “Over the past one year, Capillary has had a significant impact on the success of our marketing endeavors and the delightful experience we deliver to our customers through these programs.”

Homes r Us used Capillary for real-time customer data capture and personalized, targeted engagement at the stores to manage latent realization of same-store sales and loyalty growth opportunities. Customer engagement processes became more streamlined and ROI driven, with real-time tapping of customer, product and sales data to build an actionable and rich view of the customer. With Capillary, Homes r Us has seen:

–            Exhaustive data capture across all customer segments

–            Rise in the Same Store Transactions Growth with customers embracing brand loyalty

–            Increase in repeat visits and sales from existing customers every month

According to Vikas Tayal, Regional Head, Middle East and Africa for Capillary: “The retail industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the GCC with recent reports predicting it reaching USD 260 billion by 2016.It is also a highly competitive industry and our solutions will help retailers engage better with their customers ensuring client retention and increased sales. GCC is a key market for us and we have seen strong interest from many retail companies in the UAE, Bahrain, KSA and Kuwait for our services.”

“Homes r Us is one of our leading clients in the region. We are extremely proud that our solutions have added value to their growth and market leadership efforts”, he said. “We are committed to supporting our client’s vision of creating a delightful experience at all touch points to bring value to loyal customers.”

Sitecom launches ForBusiness

SSitecom Productsitecom, the network specialist and developer of user-friendly solutions, is introducing through Al Otaiba Distributor their exclusive distributor for the Middle East and North Africa a new line of simple and easy-to-use IT products geared towards the small business market in the region.

The ForBusiness is a DIY line of products for micro-businesses and entrepreneurs for better, easier and secure internet connectivity. The ForBusiness line consists of user-friendly solutions, DIY and easy to read manuals. It allows businesses without an IT department or specialist to easily and quickly set up a secure company network and expand it as they see fit.

Just like other Sitecom products and, the ForBusiness solutions also have a 10-year warranty.