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Dubai Customs Reinforces its eTransformation Strategy with Nexthink

48b6f14deadcOne of the oldest government departments, Dubai Customs achieves excellence in all areas and is 100% smart for its adoption of innovative technologies to enhance its operations and meet the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021.

Dubai Customs processed over 2.241 million transactions (Q1 2016) comprising of 19 main services as a result of its comprehensive work strategy. Building on this momentum; the department significantly relies on technology to support its rapid growth and deliver new services. As a result, the IT infrastructure of Dubai Customs is becoming increasingly complex with 23 centers across the country. As a government entity, responsible for handling highly sensitive information while respecting strict regulatory requirements, IT security is a paramount concern. With Nexthink, Dubai Customs now has real-time visibility of how its IT infrastructure is functioning from an end-user (employee) perspective; giving the IT team meaningful insights on how to resolve issues quickly – ensuring reliable, secure and speedy access for all end-users and customers; and to showcase Dubai as a leading partner in worldwide free trade.

Khalid Sulaiman, Manager Solution Support, at Dubai Customs said“We searched extensively for an IT Analytics solution to help us better manage our comprehensive IT Infrastructure. The Nexthink platform provides meaningful insights by offering real-time alerts and notifications of any emerging problems. In effect, it offers Dubai Customs a window into the future to proactively address issues before they can affect the infrastructure as a whole. Nexthink enables us to significantly improve efficiency and productivity.”

“Dubai Customs is on the leading edge of technology adoption and has established itself as not just a national, but a global leader in trade facilitation and security protection. Nexthink’s real-time analytics provide the IT team meaningful data and actionable insight, to proactively identify service and performance issues even before employees can contact IT support,” said Ahmed Seleem, Regional Manager, at Nexthink“The partnership with Nexthink helps empower Dubai Customs to both safeguard its legacy and lay the foundation for a technology-driven future,” added Seleem.


New tech & gadgets online shop

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http://www.ensureshopping.com claims to exclusively offer a range of IT and Mobility products to shoppers across GCC, in the best possible time and at very competitive rates. Based out of Dubai, UAE, the online shopping portal aims to reach IT and Mobile Connectivity products to the discerning customers based in the UAE and across the Gulf.

http://www.ensureshopping.com offers products from leading global IT & Telecom brands. Ensureshopping offers a secure payment gateway and a credible logistics partner which ensures deliveries reach the customer within 24 to 48 hours. For customers who do not use Credit and Debit cards, the portal offers ‘Cash on Delivery’.

“The Middle East has a high Internet penetration and some statistics hint at over 90% internet penetration in UAE. With more consumers shopping online and a number of online shopping options, consumers have started looking for differentiated experiences online. At ensureshopping.com we have tried to bring a new experience i.e. the fun of bargaining online through our ‘Bargain Center’. For a selected range of products on ensureshopping.com, consumers can give their price and we try to match it. This helps us understand the perceived value of products listed on the site which could help us in future pricing decisions. We believe we are the first portal in Middle East to offer the concept of bargaining online. In addition, we are also reaching out to corporates to assist them with their IT purchases through our ‘Corporate’ section. We know that consumers who work for corporates shop online, therefore, it’s the right time for corporates to also explore shopping online and get more value for their IT purchases.” says Rahul Nanda, General Manager- ensureshopping.com.

Ensure Shopping also offers ‘Bargain Centre’ where a customer quotes his or her own price for a specific product and then a Customer Service Representative contacts them on approval of their quoted price. Consumers/ shoppers have the option of quoting a discount of upto 50% on the listed price and then the site managers will oversee whether the product can be given away at the quoted discount or no.

http://www.ensureshopping.com offers Corporate consumers with great price packages and express delivery options.

Innovo Specialty Foods JLT set to create largest rice hub in MENA region

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H.H. Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah bin Turki bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud along with global private investor V Raman Kumar have engaged in a joint venture with India’s innovative rice producer, LEAF India (Lakshmi Energy and Foods Ltd), to create the MENA region’s largest hub for rice storage and distribution.

The JV, Innovo Specialty Foods JLT, created by an investment of AED 100 million, aims to set up a storage, processing, polishing and packaging facility with a capacity of over 100,000 tonnes of basmati rice during 2014. The ambitious plans will be delivered through Pan Gulf Foods and Industries FZ CO from the company’s Jebel Ali warehouse, which has been set in joint ownership, by H.H. Prince Mishaal, Mr V. Raman Kumar and LEAF India.

Innovo will market and distribute basmati rice processed and packed by Pan Gulf Food and Industries exclusively across the Middle East and North Africa. Innovo aims to sell 80 per cent of its products through large trade channel partners/ importers/ distributors. The balance will be distributed to wholesale/retail outlets within the GCC on a cash and carry basis from its JAFZA warehouse.

The shared vision of making Dubai a regional basmati rice hub has inspired H.H. Prince Mishaal,  V. Raman Kumar and LEAF India’s B.S.Uppal to create a conglomerate for storing, processing, packaging and distributing basmati rice in the Middle East region.

V. Raman Kumar commented: “Food security is clearly an immediate priority for the UAE and wider Middle East. The region is entering a new period of economic growth underpinned by a burgeoning population with a high dependence on imported food.

“This venture promises to add great value to strategies being discussed between Government and policy-makers at the World Food Security Summit this week. Our concept idea of creating this rice hub will aim to lend to and deliver food security objectives in the UAE. “

Currently, 20% of all UAE imports comprise of food items and 90% of food is imported but there are only 3 months of basic food items stored, so food security cover is not fit for purpose for the rapidly growing economy.

V Raman Kumar adds: “You would not think of Gulf states as a place where access to food was difficult as they have some of the highest GDPs in the world and they can easily meet their food needs but the Gulf’s geographical location and lack of water and arable land makes it difficult to produce an abundance of food. Importing up to 90 per cent of their food makes them extremely vulnerable

“The 100,000 tonnes of basmati rice capacity that we will create in Jebel Ali will be a giant step for this region to strengthen its food security strategy. We look to take this strategy to Saudi Arabia as well in the near future.  We believe that execution of a core food security strategy is essential to provide a sustainable growth platform.”

The fine, long grained, fragrant basmati rice is the leading imported food item into the Middle East. 70 per cent of world’s supply of basmati rice comes from India alone. The ever increasing demand for basmati rice has been primarily driven by Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and GCC countries accounting for over 4 million tons of basmati rice consumption every year.

Pure Gold Jewellers launches special ‘Mum’ pendants

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Pure Gold Jewellers has launched a special Mother’s Day pendants collection symbolizing the eternal bond of love between a mother and her child. All the three pendants in the collection are carefully crafted with diamonds and coloured stones set in a golden heart. Perfect as a keepsake the pendants feature unique designs including a pendant with ‘My Mother My Life’ engraved in Arabic rendering it a personal touch.

According to Karim Merchant, CEO & MD of Pure Gold Jewellers: “Our special edition Mother’s Day pendants are uniquely designed trendy jewellery to be treasured forever. In designing them, we have strived to capture the essence of the greatest unconditional love that we will ever experience in our lives, the love of a Mother. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to honour one’s Mother and show the love and affection she so richly deserves. Our pendants are cheerful and exquisite with a multitude of colourful precious stones and sparkling diamonds; they are also expressive and personal with ‘Mum’ engraved in gold, and the designs reflecting the strong bond between a mother and her child.”

The pendants price range start at a very affordable price of AED 799 with 0.05 carat diamonds and a beautiful precious stone. There is also a beautiful pendant for AED 1,099 with 0.1 carat diamonds lining the heart set in gold with a blend of turquoise and golden colour precious stones.

The Arabic calligraphy ‘My Mother My Life’ pendant is set in gold and 0.1 carat diamonds with a multitude of precious stones in orange, green, blue and purple. It is available for a price of AED 1,799.

The special Mother’s Day pendants are available from Pure Gold Jewellers outlets internationally.

ESET Unveils Arabic Website For Middle East Users

Furthering its commitment to the region and stressing on the importance of IT security; ESET Middle East unveils an Arabic website for users/ customers in the Middle East.

The website – http://www.eset.com/me-ar/ offers detailed description of ESET’s products,  easy and quick downloads as well as support in Arabic. In addition, the site offers insightful content and blog that addresses critical challenges / vulnerabilities faced by today’s home users and corporate customers and how they can protect against existing and emerging threats.

Aji Joseph, General Manager, ESET Middle East said, “Our localised website reflects our commitment to our customers in the region and highlights that security is imperative. The site is user-friendly and offers consumers and businesses detailed information about ESET’s latest products as well as support in Arabic. Also users can benefit from updates, trends and topics that address security concerns – all at a click of a button. Our solutions are built on ESET’s award-winning NOD32 technology to deliver protection specifically tailored for different IT environments, businesses and consumer products to prevent them from potential or sophisticated attacks.”

Ultimate travel entertainment kit

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Seagate Technology, a world leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, has devised an extremely portable and ideal must-have travel partner to accompany people on their travels this holiday — the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage.

GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage is the first battery-powered external hard drive to wirelessly extend the storage capacity of any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. The new hard drive that comes in 500 GB storage capacity; can save up to over 300 HD videos and many large music collections; is an advantage to all iOS and mobile devices or smartphone users planning a trip soon. In addition, due to its wireless connectivity function, up to three users can connect and enjoy streaming content at the same time.

“A lot of people will be travelling abroad or long-distance for the summer holidays and packing all their digital material can at most times be a nightmare. That is where the GoFlex Satellite comes in”, says Christian Assaf, Senior Channel Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa. “With its lightweight characteristics, storage capacity and being wireless they can store and carry their entire media library with them to stream movies, favourite TV programmes, listen to music or watch videos, while on the go. Also, another major complaint from travelers was that they couldn’t access data from a hard disk or usb without a cable. The GoFlex Satellite is wireless, easy to use, reasonably priced and works extremely well with the iPad, iPhone, tablets and smartphones.”

The GoFlex also benefits gamers to store games and profiles without a glitch. With a USB 3.0 slot the Seagate GoFlex Satellite allows high-speed transfers of the largest of files within seconds and with a battery life over 5 hours on a charge this becomes a necessity for the holiday period. The GoFlex is a device that is important to people of all ages and serves many digital purposes making it a must have for users.

With a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, Wi-Fi access over 802.11 b/g/n and Devices are wirelessly connected directly to the GoFlex Satellite drive by use of the free GoFlex Media™ app—available on either iTunes or the Android Market —or a web browser. The GoFlex Satellite drive is available in all leading retail stores across GCC and Egypt.

ESET Advises Parents To Protect Kids and Teens Online This Summer

ESET Middle East, the leader in proactive protection against cyber-threats cautions parents about a few summer surprises they can keep away from their children during this holiday season.

With majority of schools closing this summer; kids will be looking forward to other activities / recreation. While it’s all fun and games this summer, ESET advises parents about how their kids must be protected from the internet. Children will be spending a major chunk of their time online; accessing their Facebook accounts, chatting with friends, and playing games on their laptops, iPads or mobiles. Parents are warned that the internet although resourceful can also be the biggest threat to personal space where a simple click can lead to their child to be a substance of ridicule/ abuse.

As the use of the internet escalates it is imperative that parents explain to their children the dangers of giving too much information online. In addition, viruses can accidentally download to a hard drive, where passwords, personal files and folders copied, and keystrokes could be logged and your information effectively compromised by identity thieves.

Aji Joseph, General Manager ESET Middle East cautions, “Parents should monitor their kid’s internet usage so that they can protect their children from predators and immoral characters lurking about freely online. A third of all Internet sites in the world involve adult material, and parents need to be aware of the files their children are downloading. Many children especially teens have no idea how today’s actions have the ability to impact the rest of their lives.”

  • ESET advises few simple safety rules for parents as well as teachers; to help children steer away from any potential dangers:
  • Assign your child a username – Children should have their own account on a PC/Laptop.
  • Teach them never to share any confidential information or personal pictures over  the internet
  • Not to reply to harassment / unknown messages
  • Make  sure web camera is not connected while not in use
  • Parents  and teachers should have an open dialogue / communication about the potential dangers of the internet
  • Check your kids social networking configuration
  • As in real life, the rule of thumb is trust only real friends in social networking sites like Facebook. Beware of bogus friends.
  • Get to know your kids online habits and regularly monitor their browsing records
  • Use  good parental control software to prevent kids from accessing offensive or  undesirable websites.
  • Regularly update your computer’s operating system and applications including Antivirus and Parental Control software.


ESET offers proactive security solutions that help parents ensure a safe cyber experience for their child. Parents can take advantage of the advanced Parental Control feature in ESET Smart Security that boasts three major features which can help protect their children. It includes customizable user roles, web content filtering and activity logging. This helps parents to block web pages, restrict access by category and configure user roles for quick selection. Activity logging gives a detailed log of each session.

ESET extends EMPA distribution rights to GCC

ESET Middle East, the leading security solution provider, today announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with EMPA Middle East FZCO. Under this agreement, EMPA will now be authorized to distribute ESET’s extensive line of security solutions across all GCC countries.

As threat landscape continues to grow and become more sophisticated, ESET reports strong demand for its proactive security solutions. This strategic partnership with EMPA will help the vendor meet the increased demand for its security offerings and expand its customer base across the region.

“ESET is the next-gen security solution that offers high-level of proactive security against emerging and malicious threat,” said Aji Joseph, General Manager ESET Middle East. “Combined with our advanced security offerings and EMPA’s local expertise, this partnership is an ideal fit to the brand’s growth strategy. We are confident that EMPA will assist us in broadening our reach across the region,” added Aji.

Nicholas Argyrides, Managing Director at EMPA Middle East said, “As cyber threats are on the rise, it’s no secret that security is imperative for every user and IT administrator; it is also a key focus for EMPA, particularly since we are in the process of tactically broadening our portfolio. We are delighted to be associated with an award-winning vendor like ESET and we are looking forward to a rewarding and long-lasting business relationship.”

Stay Forever young…healthy

Founded in 1978, Forever Living is a multi-billion dollar company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty products. Their products are mainly sold through distributors all around the world. They currently have over nine and a half million distributors in over 145 countries. Forever Living promises once in a lifetime opportunity for living a healthier/ wealthier life.

Forever Living’s products are mainly infused with pure aloe vera gel and many other beneficial botanicals that promise Energy. Vibrancy. Wellness.

They have an extensive product range; includes health drinks, skin/ personal care, cosmetics to weight management for both men and women.

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