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Dubai Municipality Recognises His Excellency Salem Almoosa with Award

His Excellency Salem AlMoosa Receives Award from Rashad M. Bukhash, Director of Architectural Heritage Dept. Dubai Municipality and Chairman of Architectural Heritage Society, UAE

His Excellency Salem Almoosa, Chairman and General Manager, Falconcity of Wonders, was recognised by Dubai Municipality for his efforts in supporting Dubai Municipality’s bid in listing the Dubai Creek among the World Heritage Site of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

His Excellency Salem Almoosa, who grew up in the Shindagah area of old Dubai, used his memories to identify and recreate the old Dubai map. He served as a historical reference in identifying unknown houses, shops, locations, roads, sikas, and other historical sites that the youth were not aware of their existence. His sharp memory and expertise in community planning were exceptionally useful in identifying homes, owners and their reasons of demolition – if any.

The award was handed to His Excellency Salem Almoosa by Rashad M. Bukhash, Director of Architectural Heritage Dept. Dubai Municipality and Chairman of Architectural Heritage Society, UAE on 6 January, 2015.

His Excellency Salem Ahmad Almoosa said: “The project has taken me back to my childhood and to the city of Dubai in which I grew up. It has been a refreshing experience. Although I have seen the emirate grow from a desert to a modern city, revisiting its early days has highlighted how Dubai has grown at an exponential rate. The Dubai Creek has been at the core of this development – opening up the UAE’s rustic lands to new people, experiences and way of life. Inasmuch, Dubai Creek deserves the title of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

“This project will also support in heritage conservations, which will go a long way in helping Emirati youth and expats who call Dubai their home to better understand the evolution of the emirate, and be proud of its achievements, and carry forward the traditions. I am glad to have been part of this effort as protecting our cultural heritage is the duty of each individual not just the government.”

Dubai Creek has brought together civilizations – with the oldest documented instance in the 15th century when Venetian merchants travelled here to buy pearls. The project is a part of Dubai’s architectural conservation efforts that has seen architects, archaeologists, historians, heritage conservationists and government officials taking part. Dubai currently has renovated 178 historical buildings across the emirate.


New York’s favourite ‘Cronut’ now available in Abu Dhabi

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Known for its exquisite, mouth-watering and gourmet desserts, pastries and cakes; Blossom Sweets introduces new flavours and offers this autumn.

The new menu will  include seasonal and new flavours and ingredients; such as lavender, pumpkin, caramel cinnamon/ spice, nuts, berries and more. The patisseries will also include its Emirati/ Arabian fusion specialities to the menu. The patisserie will also be offering the famous ‘Cronuts’ – hybrid of doughnut and croissant in its stores. 

Lamia Al Hashly said, “Blossom Sweets special autumn treats are the perfect way to welcome the cooler months. From cakes, pies, spice to fruits our desserts are so comforting and appealing. Available throughout October and November, these desserts are ideal to satisfy a sweet craving, for parties or as gifts.”

Available until 30th November 2013 – offers/ flavours include:

  • New Yorkers Craving: Available is rose and nutella with salted nuts, the Cronuts are simply irresistible.
  • Loyalty Card: The patisserie will offer loyalty cards as a way of thank-you to its regular customers. The card will offer seasonal discounts and offers.
  • Autumn Glass shots: Flavours include Pistachio and Vanilla Panna Cotta with Persian Pashmak
  • Ice Warm: Pumkin cheesecake Gelato; a creamy mix of pumpkin puree and ice-cream on a crispy crust.
  • All things Spice n Nice: An extra spiced carrot cake.
  • Arabian Autumn Delights: Rose cardamom infused gelato and lemon with mint gelato available exclusively this season.
  • Eid Al Adha: Celebrating this festive season, Blossom Sweets will offer newly introduced Pistachio Rose cake and rose water macaroons. Price ranges from AED 7 AED to AED 500.
  • Spooktecular Treats: This Halloween, Blossom Sweets will offer cake-pops, cupcakes, lollies, and cakes in various spooky designs and flavours. Value Pack of 12 customised theme based cupcakes for AED 240.
  • World Diabetes Day: Blossom Sweets will prepare offer Low sugar avocado mouse cake and low sugar oat-meal cookies.

Winter collection/ offers: To be announced soon

20 new Arabian And Asian Inspired Flavours exclusively this ramadan and eid

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Blossom Sweets will introduce 20 unique treats inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian flavours; including low calorie and sugar-free.

Celebrating the holy month; Blossom Sweets will feature a wide selection of sensational treats and gift hampers starting from 9th July, 2013. Ramadan a time for reflection and giving; the patisserie will also give 5 per cent of every purchase to the Red Crescent Society.

Lamia Ahmed Al Hashly, Owner, Blossom Sweets said, “We would like to wish residents and our customers Ramadan Kareem. Sweets and desserts are an essential part of every meal and especially a sign of hospitality to visitors during Ramandan. Keeping this element in mind as well as the popular flavours savoured during this time, we wanted to offer our customers something unique. We will also be introducing desserts with low-cal and sugar free options.”

Amna Al Hashly, Managing Director, Blossom Sweets said, “The new flavours incorporate requests from our customers which further reflects our competency and passion to offer exciting and unique desserts. Ramadan is a time of reflection and giving and Blossom Sweets will give five per cent of every sale to Red Cresent Society. We would like all residents and customers to be part of this effort.”

This includes:

  1. Banoffee pie
  2. Chai cake with honey-ginger cream
  3. Baklawa cream with roasted nuts
  4. Kunafa with saffron and rose water cream
  5. Short bread fresh mango tart with frangipane
  6. Rose Mahalabia cheese cake
  7. Date and hazelnut roulade
  8. Sago rice pudding
  9. Sticky date cake with toffee sauce
  10. Short bread mango tart, Bonoffee cups
  11. Arabic coffee pot de cream
  12. Mango cup cake
  13. Falooda cups
  14. Strawberry panna cotta with star anis comport
  15. Apricot kamardine cups
  16. Mini rose water mahalabia cups
  17. Kunafa with cream cups
  18. Skinny fruit cake
  19. Sticky date pudding cups
  20. Sugar Free avocado moose cake

Mob at Blossom Sweets – UAE D Celebration

Blossom Sweets, run by two Emirati sisters hosted a fun event on 29th November at the shop to celebrate UAE National Day. Emiratis and residents participated in the event and expressed their gratitude for the Nation. In addition, a dessert gallery that reflects the UAE culture was showcased by the patisserie.

Lamia Ahmed Al Hashly, Owner of Blossom Sweets said, “The UAE National Day is important for us all and an opportunity to commemorate our ruler’s efforts and vision. What a better way than expressing our love of the nation through our creation, art and passion for desserts. We were glad to see Emiratis as well as other residents celebrating the true essence of the day together.”

Join in the fun…

Fun and interactive event open to all – kids, adults & families

  • Get your pics taken – Emirati Style
  • Express your creativity
  • Join in celebration
  • See UAE through the artwork created by Blossom Sweets
  • suprise goodie for kids below the age of 5

Al Muroor Road, 4th Street, PO BOX 553 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Blossom Sweets Is Set For Expansion

Blossom Sweets, run by two Emirati Sisters -Lamia Ahmed Al Hashly and Amna Ahmed Al Hashly; eyes robust growth. The popular bakery to offer designer and customised patisserie/cakes aims to open more outlets, expand into commercial baking and create more jobs by 2014.

Blossom Sweets provides trendy, customised as well as fusion Middle Eastern pastries and cakes for special occasions/celebration, product launches or quick treats. The bakery has seen popular demand and has sold over 200,000 pastries/cakes as well as been flown across the region to celebrate special occasions.

“The industry is reaching new heights and I believe that our team with years of experience and artistic flair can bring about that innovation in flavour and designs. Having that competitive edge, Blossom Sweets has abundant potential and capacity to meet changing trends and customer palates,” said Lamia Ahmed Al Hashly, Owner, Blossom Sweets. “We have received a welcoming response and look forward to opening more outlets, catering to hotels or café and creating more jobs,” added Lamia.

Amna Al Hashly, Managing Partner, Blossom Sweets said, “Our passion shows in our products and we are always pleased to see happy and repeat customers. At Blossom Sweets we ensure that we are up to date with the latest trends. Our cakes and pastries are not mere sweet treats but a combination of art and flavours; it redefines elegance.”