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Have a safe Holiday!

ESET Middle East, the leader in proactive protection against cyber-threats cautions consumers to stay alert and safe when shopping online this holiday season.

Festivities, year–end bargains and Dubai Shopping Festival will see rise in online shoppers – looking for the best deals for gifts and flights. Security advisor offers few tips to prevent cyber-shopaholics’ from being a potential target.

Aji Joseph, General Manager ESET Middle East  explains, “With easy access to the internet, online shopping is on the rise as it provides consumers 24×7 convenience and best deals on one platform.  Though people are tech-savvy, people are still unaware of any potential threat or simply take security for granted. Consumers need to take necessary precautions, to guarantee a safer shopping experience.”

ESET advises few simple safety rules for online shoppers:

  • Try and use credit instead of debit card: If you get scammed and try to get your money back you may have better luck with credit card transactions versus debit cards. Credit cards can put an extra layer of protection in between you and the criminals.
  • Buy from reputed and familiar that provide accurate descriptions of merchandise, and delivering it in good shape and on time.
  • Be wary of amazing deals, especially for offers on one of the latest products/ gadgets of the season. Also watch out for urgent deals that arrive in unsolicited email or purport to be from friends on social networking sites.
  • Look for SSL accreditation – the standard in secure transactions.  Using SSL encrypts the exchange of information, such as your credit card, so eavesdroppers cannot read it.
  • Always see https in front of the web address instead of http. There may also be a lock or key symbol in the browser window as well. If you need to do any shopping over Wi-Fi, at home or at a hotspot, make sure it is secure (look for the lock symbol in the Wi-Fi connection dialog).
  • Get improved protection, by updating and patching your browser, operating system, and anti-malware suite.
  • Some malware are able to add questions to forms you use online. So if a shopping website asks for too much information relative to your purchase, abandon the transaction and run an anti-malware scan right away. Furthermore, don’t expect money for answering questions: when a window pops up promising you cash or gift cards just for answering a simple survey like “Do you use the Internet?” close it and move on.
  • Always password-protect your laptop, tablet, and smartphone so that, if lost or stolen, your data will be harder for strangers to access. Each of these devices should have a settings menu from which the security options should be readily accessible. Choose a password or code that is easy for you to remember but hard for other people to guess as well as back-up your data.



Ultimate travel entertainment kit

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Seagate Technology, a world leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, has devised an extremely portable and ideal must-have travel partner to accompany people on their travels this holiday — the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage.

GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage is the first battery-powered external hard drive to wirelessly extend the storage capacity of any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. The new hard drive that comes in 500 GB storage capacity; can save up to over 300 HD videos and many large music collections; is an advantage to all iOS and mobile devices or smartphone users planning a trip soon. In addition, due to its wireless connectivity function, up to three users can connect and enjoy streaming content at the same time.

“A lot of people will be travelling abroad or long-distance for the summer holidays and packing all their digital material can at most times be a nightmare. That is where the GoFlex Satellite comes in”, says Christian Assaf, Senior Channel Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa. “With its lightweight characteristics, storage capacity and being wireless they can store and carry their entire media library with them to stream movies, favourite TV programmes, listen to music or watch videos, while on the go. Also, another major complaint from travelers was that they couldn’t access data from a hard disk or usb without a cable. The GoFlex Satellite is wireless, easy to use, reasonably priced and works extremely well with the iPad, iPhone, tablets and smartphones.”

The GoFlex also benefits gamers to store games and profiles without a glitch. With a USB 3.0 slot the Seagate GoFlex Satellite allows high-speed transfers of the largest of files within seconds and with a battery life over 5 hours on a charge this becomes a necessity for the holiday period. The GoFlex is a device that is important to people of all ages and serves many digital purposes making it a must have for users.

With a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, Wi-Fi access over 802.11 b/g/n and Devices are wirelessly connected directly to the GoFlex Satellite drive by use of the free GoFlex Media™ app—available on either iTunes or the Android Market —or a web browser. The GoFlex Satellite drive is available in all leading retail stores across GCC and Egypt.

Seagate Offers Romantic Getaway To Venice

Seagate Technology plc., a world leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, today announced that it will a run a special Valentine Day campaign in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain until the end of 29th February, 2012. Seagate calls people to enter the contest to win a 5-day/ 4-night trip for two to the City of Love – Venice.


The simple online promotion requires all contestants to opt for any one of the listed video and message along with their details to enter draw. The participants can then double their chance of winning if the partner responds, by sending a message back. Winners will be announced on the 15th March, 2012.


Ayman Al-Ajouz, Channel Sales Manager, GCC, Seagate Technology said, “Being the product of choice world over, this is great way to engage with users and customers. We invite all Valentine Day observers to enter the draw and express their love. This is a simple no-string attached competition and we look forward to receiving a huge response.”


The promotion also highlights the pre-launch of GoFlex Satellite; a perfect companion and travel product for any tablet, iPad or smart phone with Wi-Fi capabilities and storage space to stream over 300 HD videos.


For more details about the contest and to enter the draw; visit