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Dubai Customs Reinforces its eTransformation Strategy with Nexthink

48b6f14deadcOne of the oldest government departments, Dubai Customs achieves excellence in all areas and is 100% smart for its adoption of innovative technologies to enhance its operations and meet the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021.

Dubai Customs processed over 2.241 million transactions (Q1 2016) comprising of 19 main services as a result of its comprehensive work strategy. Building on this momentum; the department significantly relies on technology to support its rapid growth and deliver new services. As a result, the IT infrastructure of Dubai Customs is becoming increasingly complex with 23 centers across the country. As a government entity, responsible for handling highly sensitive information while respecting strict regulatory requirements, IT security is a paramount concern. With Nexthink, Dubai Customs now has real-time visibility of how its IT infrastructure is functioning from an end-user (employee) perspective; giving the IT team meaningful insights on how to resolve issues quickly – ensuring reliable, secure and speedy access for all end-users and customers; and to showcase Dubai as a leading partner in worldwide free trade.

Khalid Sulaiman, Manager Solution Support, at Dubai Customs said“We searched extensively for an IT Analytics solution to help us better manage our comprehensive IT Infrastructure. The Nexthink platform provides meaningful insights by offering real-time alerts and notifications of any emerging problems. In effect, it offers Dubai Customs a window into the future to proactively address issues before they can affect the infrastructure as a whole. Nexthink enables us to significantly improve efficiency and productivity.”

“Dubai Customs is on the leading edge of technology adoption and has established itself as not just a national, but a global leader in trade facilitation and security protection. Nexthink’s real-time analytics provide the IT team meaningful data and actionable insight, to proactively identify service and performance issues even before employees can contact IT support,” said Ahmed Seleem, Regional Manager, at Nexthink“The partnership with Nexthink helps empower Dubai Customs to both safeguard its legacy and lay the foundation for a technology-driven future,” added Seleem.


Through a looking glass



Im sure we are not far from a sci-fi life in reality. As days and months go we are constantly being introduced to the next -gen, smart, futuristic and what not devices. So much so that newer devices are being introduced to the market that is more portable and easy to carry around packed more and more with feature- rich capabilities – one better than the other. These are now called wearable technology catering to a whole new audience “on the go”. Opening a whole wide window for developers to create newer apps, software, etc.. Anywhere you go, everyone has one a high-tech gadget for work or pleasure. How dependent we have become – i cant complain they have made our lives so much easier and productive.
Speaking of wearable technology, I was given a Moverio BT-200 to try and test for a while now. The Moverio is a ready to wear smart glass technology by Epson that allows you to project (very similar to a projector instead you wear them) images, video, documents, etc. on a floating screen. 

So lets see the features:
Ideal for:
– I liked the idea of having a portable device when traveling or when having those long waits
– Also good use for kids / teens when sitting back of a car or researching
– Good space saver with small rooms
– Enjoy content in private while still experiencing the innovative micro-projection and see-through imaging technology
– A good alternative to TV/ iPad when you don’t want to disturb anyone late at night 🙂
– Small business presentations
Look & Display:
– Binocular, transparent, wearable display: You can view content, front and center, on “floating”80-inch perceived screen The display is bit grainy at times and advisable to project it front of a more darker background. These binocular, transparent smart glasses – each lens has its own display. Though the glasses are light it feels a bit heavy after a long continuous wear. It is comes with a front-facing camera and motion tracker projecting 2D or 3D images in front of you.
– Enjoy a wide range of content — interactive track pad and smart navigation menus put Android-based games, apps and content at your fingertips
– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity — allows you to browse the web, stream content, check email, etc. You can also play games but it kept giving an error when trying to connect.
– The BT-200 can also connect with other devices, including smartphones, using Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA and Miracast.
Camera and motion tracker built in — ideal for hands-free applications
– Removable memory — built-in card slot supports up to 32GB microSDHC card
– Battery Life: It runs about four to five hours
Availability: Available in major retail stores in the UAE costs approx. AED 2,545/-

I enjoyed trying all the features and feeling like sci-fi spy:). I believe little more improvisation and the glasses definitely have lot of potential for being the next best cool product

GGICO selects Levtech to implement Microsoft Dynamics

Abhilash Nair, IT Manager, GGICO
Abhilash Nair, IT Manager, GGICO

GGICO a conglomerate listed publicly in the Dubai Financial Market, with widely diversified activities in real estate, retail, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing and services – selects Levtech to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX & CRM.

With a view to streamline Group operations, GGICO systematically pursued the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM at the Head Office. A key requirement was the real estate division’s need to centralise and streamline their operations so that the team could respond to everyday functions from property sales/marketing to maintenance more effectively.

In addition, Levtech introduced a new solution called ‘LevEstate’ that extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX to help GGICO manage the entire life cycle of a customer interaction from leads, property listings, sale transaction to facility management. Microsoft Dynamics AX also ensured that the back-office financial operations and inventory management processes were effectively managed.

“There are several functions within a Group company that requires unconstrained communication between every department, partners and the customer. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP along with LevEstate offers a comprehensive and flexible platform for us to manage key processes across financials, inventory management, investments, property sales activities and maintenance effectively,” said Abhilash Nair, IT Manager, GGICO. “We are glad to have partnered with Levtech as their expertise and robust add-on solution offers the agility and scalability for us to manage our sales processes more effectively and provide high quality customer service,” added Nair.

Anilesh Kumar, Business Development Director, Levtech Consulting said, “We are glad to assist GGICO in achieving their business objectives by offering a customer-centric solution that covers all aspects of the operations. Following the implementation, GGICO has seen improved collaboration between departments; allowing them to offer improved services to its customers. We now look forward to extending the LevEstate solution to cover additional aspects of the business such as a customer portal, marketing automation, call telephony and social media integration. We also plan to further leverage reporting and BI capabilities on Dynamics AX and CRM, in the next phase.”

New tech & gadgets online shop

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.23.09 PM claims to exclusively offer a range of IT and Mobility products to shoppers across GCC, in the best possible time and at very competitive rates. Based out of Dubai, UAE, the online shopping portal aims to reach IT and Mobile Connectivity products to the discerning customers based in the UAE and across the Gulf. offers products from leading global IT & Telecom brands. Ensureshopping offers a secure payment gateway and a credible logistics partner which ensures deliveries reach the customer within 24 to 48 hours. For customers who do not use Credit and Debit cards, the portal offers ‘Cash on Delivery’.

“The Middle East has a high Internet penetration and some statistics hint at over 90% internet penetration in UAE. With more consumers shopping online and a number of online shopping options, consumers have started looking for differentiated experiences online. At we have tried to bring a new experience i.e. the fun of bargaining online through our ‘Bargain Center’. For a selected range of products on, consumers can give their price and we try to match it. This helps us understand the perceived value of products listed on the site which could help us in future pricing decisions. We believe we are the first portal in Middle East to offer the concept of bargaining online. In addition, we are also reaching out to corporates to assist them with their IT purchases through our ‘Corporate’ section. We know that consumers who work for corporates shop online, therefore, it’s the right time for corporates to also explore shopping online and get more value for their IT purchases.” says Rahul Nanda, General Manager-

Ensure Shopping also offers ‘Bargain Centre’ where a customer quotes his or her own price for a specific product and then a Customer Service Representative contacts them on approval of their quoted price. Consumers/ shoppers have the option of quoting a discount of upto 50% on the listed price and then the site managers will oversee whether the product can be given away at the quoted discount or no. offers Corporate consumers with great price packages and express delivery options.

Levtech awarded Microsoft Gulf Dynamics Partner of the Year

levtech Levtech Consulting, a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and services, has recently received the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year for FY14 awarded by Microsoft Gulf. The company was honored as the leading Microsoft Dynamics partner for demonstrating exceptional sales and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM in the Middle East. With a YOY growth rate of 91% in FY 2013, Levtech Consulting was also nominated amongst the top 50 Microsoft partners, also known as the Inner Circle, for Microsoft Dynamics.

Speaking at the event, Maureen Mansour, Dynamics Partner Sales Executive at Microsoft Gulf said, “We are pleased to award Levtech Consulting with this prestigious recognition for their successful implementations and exceptional business consultancy for our Dynamics customers in the Gulf region.”

“We are delighted to win this coveted recognition from the Microsoft Gulf subsidiary for our consistent sales and implementation success. We have worked hard to reach the number one spot over the last 5 years since inception, and this is definitely a key milestone for us. We believe that retaining the top spot is more important than getting there, and look forward to putting efforts in the right direction and remaining committed to our customers, who have made this commendation possible. I thank all our customers, employees and Microsoft team members for their consistent support,” said Manjunath T.R

Isam K. Kabbani Deploys Nexthink’s Solution Across Its Group

Zohdi El-Saadi, Chief Information Officer, IKK Group Established by Sheikh Isam Kabbani, the IKK Group is recognized as one of the top 50 companies in Saudi Arabia in the construction industry. IKK Group today announced that it is deploying Nexthink’s IT analytics solution through its partner ProgressWays to better serve its customers and enable the group to further diversify its operations.

IKK Group understands that technology is key to help the organization meet its business objectives. IKK Group’s Centralized Information Technology Department (CITD) is tasked with delivering high level of service to its customers across 6 locations; including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Oman and Lebanon. Any IT failure or service disruption can impact customer service and harm IKK Group’s reputation. With the help of ProgressWays, Nexthink offers improved visibility, and can easily detect issues and identify patterns in its IT environment – ensuring enhanced performance and efficiency.

Zohdi El-Saadi, Chief Information Officer, IKK Group said, “We can see how our IT infrastructure is operating and transforming, in real-time with Nexthink. This new insight helps our IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate. We are able to generate reports for senior management in just a few clicks, which saves our IT support team around 50% of time compared to generating these reports the old fashioned way before using Nexthink.”

Ghassan I. Alkahlout, Regional Director, Nexthink said, “Nexthink offers IKK Group insightful information of its IT infrastructure; giving early warning of impending issues and the ability to discover bottlenecks and proactively take action before end-users are impacted. This enables the IT team to detect and solve problems faster.”
Wael F. Suleiman, VP Sales, ProgressWays said, “Initially the IT team spent a lot of time and resources to discover and resolve issues across different locations. With Nexthink, IKK Group’s IT department has the visibility into the challenges employees (end-users) face, and can transition from reactive to proactive IT support, and improve problems. ProgressWays will continue to work closely with the IKK IT team to help deliver its business objectives.”

Update: BenQ VW2235

Benq VW30 series
Benq VW30 series

For a not a very techie person like me a few ways to check out computer/ pc monitor is the contrast ratio, response time, and colour accuracy to give good visual experience. Following my last post & using the monitor for a few weeks now, here are few highlights on the monitor:

The Benq VW2235 gives you a fairly decent picture experience.

Boasting of an ultra-high native contrast of 3000:1, the adds astonishing colour depth and definition to darkened, complex images giving you a fairly clear and crisp image quality.

You can leave it on the monitor’s default display setting as it is sufficiently suitable for general use; unless you are using it for play/ movies. Its 8-bit VA panel delivers smoother and more stable color transitions rendering a million of color shades simultaneously.

Connecting it both on a Mac and Toshiba laptop the monitor well preserves the color quality of a Macbook/ toshiba display allowing you get almost the same quality on a bigger screen. This monitor promotes the Flicker-free technology that eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue (good choice for those hooked on the screen). Conventional LCD screens flicks 200 times per second. Your eyes may not see flickers, but can certainly feel them.

The screen can be tilted 178°/178° angle to enable a better reading/viewing experience. The stand consists of a white rectangular base and a short white mounting arm with a tilt hinge. You can’t adjust the height, swivel the cabinet, or pivot the screen with this model, also giving you an option to mount it on the wall.

According to BenQ this edition as an improved Eco Mode that adjusts the backlight brightness level to ensure the highest display quality is presented to you with the highest energy efficiency. This intelligent mode reduces at least 37% of the power consumed by document viewing, Internet browsing and emailing and up to 44% of the power consumed by gaming

Conclusion: Simple, elegant and an affordable monitor

The Abu Dhabi Department Of Finance Improves IT Governance With Nexthink

The Financial Arm of the Government, Abu Dhabi Department of Finance (DOF) has selected Nexthink to implement IT governance; to provide best-in-class financial services and continuity of facilities to local businesses as well as employees.

The DOF plays an essential role in maintaining and developing the government’s financial system, by linking all local government entities and overseeing an integrated management system for financial resources. For such a significant operation, proper functioning of the IT infrastructure and early diagnosis of issues is crucial; to ensure service to employees (end-users) and local businesses is unaffected at all times. Nexthink provides DOF real-time visibility of their infrastructure and accurately shows how software and IT services are being consumed within the entity; enabling the resolution of issues much faster.

“Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT governance, enabling us to better manage demand, deliver value and protect against risk. Nexthink helps us improve efficiency and productivity, enabling us to resolve issues faster and provide a more proactive level of support,” said Dr. Hazem Turki Alkhatib, CIO, Abu Dhabi Department of Finance. “Also with enormous volume and confidential data, we have a strict security policy that involves our security team to be on the lookout for any suspicious activities. With Nexthink’s investigative IT analytics technology, we are able to detect malware before it spreads into our network and compromises any data.”

The Abu Dhabi DOF strives for continued excellence and innovation by improving asset and savings management, controlling costs and efficient service delivery. Recognized for adopting the latest technologies, the IT team of the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance is responsible for delivering software and services to more than 2,500 employees (end-users) located in its head office and branches across the emirate of Abu Dhabi. With Nexthink, the IT team of DOF is now able to gather comprehensive performance metrics and accurately measure the health of its infrastructure; by receiving real-time alerts concerning non-compliant user behavior and issues therefore improving the quality of service through a better utilized network.

“We are pleased to work with the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance and support its mission to foster an effective financial management framework across the Abu Dhabi government. The IT Analytics solution provided by Nexthink can offer tangible benefits to governmental agencies such as Abu Dhabi Department of Finance to enhance operational efficiency, reduce IT costs, secure data and streamline IT services,” said Maged Eid, Regional Director, Nexthink.


Product Specification:

  • Screen Size: 21.5″
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D):178°/178°
  • Response Time: 6ms (GTG)
  • Weight: 3.9kg

DIY / simple installation and comes with:


It has a white matte white wash all the way through -from screen to stand with touch of Green. Available only in white the monitor is a simple design and blends easily with your home decor. It comes with a green docking accessory – though i don’t find an actual need for it, it does let the monitor stand out a bit. It serves as a business card or mobile phone or paper clip holder.

Benq VW30 series
Benq VW30 series

Slim design that does not require a lot of space. 06



  • Flicker-free technology
  • 8bit colour performance (slightly less than other gaming monitors)
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac (with Sensye technology to match  display of Mac)
  • Connectivity: Gaming consoles, PC/ Laptops, DVD & speakers


Available in all leading stores in the UAE is priced at AED 650/-


Motorola Moto X now available in the UAE

Moble_A4 size (3)Moto X the best of Motorola and Google will be available through major retailers in UAE soon.

“At Motorola, our roots are deep in mobile hardware and innovation – we invented mobile communications and take pride in that,” says Marcus Frost, Senior Marketing Director,EMEA & APAC, Motorola Mobility. “Moto X fuses our history of mobile innovation with the best of Google mobile services to create experiences that no other smartphone can match. The UAE consumer is discerning and we are bringing a strong proposition to this market so that it changes the mobile experience for them. Moto X has been very well received across markets and would continue to add to Motorola’s momentum in the region and across the globe.”

“At Redington, we are quite enthused to be the exclusive MEApartners for the Moto X launch. We are also launching the product in Ghana in Africa.We continue to focus on bringing the best products and a superior range to our customers. The appointment of Redington by Motorola as a distributor for the Moto X in the Middle East is a strong endorsement of our distribution capabilities across MEA markets and of our strong relationships with the channel partners in this region. The state-of-the-art supply chain system at Redington can offer fast and efficient delivery services to mobile dealers and retailers throughout the region. We are working closely with Motorola mobility to optimize availability across markets, ” says Jim Matthews, Vice President– Telecom Vertical (MEA).

Features include:

  • No touching: Requires just a voice command. Without touching it at all, you can get directions, set an alarm or do just about anything—just by talking. Say “OK Google Now” to get started. Ask it if you need an umbrella and it gives you up-to-the-minute weather for your location. Tell it you’re going home, and your Moto X will get you there. Because it knows your voice, Moto X can do things other phones can’t.
  • Camera: Moto X knows you need a camera, and it’s always ready to go. Just twist your wrist twice and it’s ready. Touch anywhere on the screen, and you’ll get the shot, all in just a few seconds. Continuous shooting capabilities, as well as a ten megapixel camera, mean the photos you do take are the ones you want.
  • The Motorola Connect extension for Google Chrome: lets you see and respond to notifications and text messages – right from your desktop. Hate the hassle of switching phones? Motorola Migrate makes it easy to transfer the contents of your old phone onto your Moto X. Just pair your phone to your Moto X through WiFi direct and your photos, texts, SIM contacts and even your call history and some settings will be transferred. Just a few example of how Moto X puts the smart in smartphone.
  • With nearly 50 software enhancements since the Moto X was first released, including useful new features for Touchless Control, Moto Assist, Active Display and more, the Moto X is more powerful ever.

Moto X will be available in the market in June in black or white for AED 1599.