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An App for Grandparents


JOHNSON’S Baby today announced the launch of the JOHNSON’S Baby Grandparents Frame and App, which will help make distances smaller and bring families closer by allowing parents to instantly share photos with their children’s grandparents as the vast majority of grandparents in the Middle East aren’t familiar with technology and therefore aren’t engaged in any social platform.

Nurturing close relationships between grandparents, parents and children is so important for everyone in the family, but due to long distances and busy lives this can be challenging for many expat families living in the Middle East. Grandparents therefore miss out on many special moments in their grandchildren’s lives.

All people need to do is download the App to their iOS or Android smartphone, set up the Wi-Fi enabled digital frame in their parents’ home and then they can snap away and share their special moments instantly, without grandparents having to use any technology. So grandparents can share in their grandchildren’s first steps, birthday parties and holidays no matter where they are in the world.

“For more than 125 years JOHNSON’S® Baby has been caring for babies and families. We understand how important it is to maintain a strong bond between parents, grandparents and children.” Said Naureen Mohammed, Marketing Manager, JOHNSONS® Baby, Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan. “We hope that by raising awareness of this app JOHNSONS® Baby can help families of expats living across the Middle East to share their indescribable moments.”

The JOHNSON’S Baby Grandparents App is available to download free on iOS and Android devices. To download visit:


Child with greater EQ performs 80 percent better academically or professionally

Sahar MousslyTransgulf Management Consultants (TGMC), Centre offering performance based training/ courses for individual and corporates will be introducing Emotional and Social Intelligence (EQ) programs (in-house and set sessions) for schools and corporates across the GCC.

Studies show that Emotional intelligence is emerging as strong indicator of performance and can be easily enhanced unlike IQ. The workshop/course is designed to assess and deal with a series of negative emotions to realise one’s full potential. Results reveal that these skills improve learning, personal drive, interaction and leadership.  Each session aims to develop key skills into wider practice to spark positive change. TGMC advises parents to develop their Childs EQ from the age 5 years to achieve future success.

TGMC will also hold an introductory workshop on 29th June at Authenticity Center, Dubai. The workshop was run in a number of schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“Negative emotions are mostly fear, panic and anxiety that is mostly learnt and can have a greater impact on how we deal with people and situations,” explained Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural coach and instructor. “IQ is important, however with Emotional and Social Intelligence a person has 80 per cent higher chance of performing well – academically and professional. This is because a person would possess the capability of being in control of situations.”

Emotions play a greater role in decision making that is critical for an individual’s success. Though distinct from IQ; EQ complements it and provides analysis of oneself; providing a set of skills for emotional and leadership development. This includes control of one’s impulses, self-motivation, empathy and social competence amongst others – enabling it to apply to every aspect of our lives; such a personal relationships, work, parenting and so on.

UAE’s First Child Safety Store “B-Safe” Launched

Store1With a humble mission to prevent injuries amongst children in the UAE, a mother and entrepreneur took the initiative to create change, by launching UAE’S first exclusive Child Safety Retail Outlet “B-Safe”. Located at the Times Square Center,
B-Safe offers childproofing consultation and unique solutions for preventing injuries at home, at play, and outdoors.

According to the world report on Child injury prevention by World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among children worldwide, and everyday around the world, more than 2000 children and teenagers die from an injury which could have been prevented.

B-Safe outlet carries more than 200 unique child safety items, from window locks and latches to door guards, balcony mesh, banister shields, and staircase gates – all under one roof, providing ultimate convenience to parents. The outlet also provides value added services like home safety assessment, free onsite consultation and childproofing services, to encourage safer environments.

Commenting on this unique concept, Gloria Mankani, founder, B-Safe, said: “A year ago, while searching for childproofing options for my own apartment, I realized a gap in the market both in terms of products and intellectual knowledge base. In 2011, UAE witnessed multiple cases of child injuries and accidents, some of which proved fatal for children. Realizing the latent demand and much needed awareness and knowledge around the subject, I decided to gain professional knowledge in childproofing and collaborate with leading organizations around the world to bring the best of childproofing products in the UAE.”

“Today, we are proud to launch UAE’s first child safety store with a mission to reduce unintentional injuries to children by preventing accidents at home, at play and on the way. We endeavor to create safer environment for our children,”she added.

An associate member of International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) USA, and a member of Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in the UK, B-Safe offers unmatched expertise in the area of injury prevention and child safety. B-Safe is also an exclusive partner of Childproofers of St. Louis, USA, an organization with over 20 years of experience in childproofing home environments.

Join in the fun…

Fun and interactive event open to all – kids, adults & families

  • Get your pics taken – Emirati Style
  • Express your creativity
  • Join in celebration
  • See UAE through the artwork created by Blossom Sweets
  • suprise goodie for kids below the age of 5

Al Muroor Road, 4th Street, PO BOX 553 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Jus Jas – Now in Canada

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Jus Jas aka Jasmin offers hame baked goodies that are simply fresh and mouth watering. Having moved to Canada (Vancouver); she is now catering to small to medium events and private celebrations.

Jasmin Rebeiro says, “My cakes reflect my talent and passion to offer unique flavours and designs. Prepared with the finest of ingredients, each cake or dessert is carfeully home baked and so different from a commerical one that just a slice can satisfy your taste buds and make any occasion even more special.”

This month Jas Jas will offer freshly baked cookies and cupcakes to trick and treat  friends / family this halloween. (call Jasmin 604.503.1915/ 778.927.0923)

ESET Advises Parents To Protect Kids and Teens Online This Summer

ESET Middle East, the leader in proactive protection against cyber-threats cautions parents about a few summer surprises they can keep away from their children during this holiday season.

With majority of schools closing this summer; kids will be looking forward to other activities / recreation. While it’s all fun and games this summer, ESET advises parents about how their kids must be protected from the internet. Children will be spending a major chunk of their time online; accessing their Facebook accounts, chatting with friends, and playing games on their laptops, iPads or mobiles. Parents are warned that the internet although resourceful can also be the biggest threat to personal space where a simple click can lead to their child to be a substance of ridicule/ abuse.

As the use of the internet escalates it is imperative that parents explain to their children the dangers of giving too much information online. In addition, viruses can accidentally download to a hard drive, where passwords, personal files and folders copied, and keystrokes could be logged and your information effectively compromised by identity thieves.

Aji Joseph, General Manager ESET Middle East cautions, “Parents should monitor their kid’s internet usage so that they can protect their children from predators and immoral characters lurking about freely online. A third of all Internet sites in the world involve adult material, and parents need to be aware of the files their children are downloading. Many children especially teens have no idea how today’s actions have the ability to impact the rest of their lives.”

  • ESET advises few simple safety rules for parents as well as teachers; to help children steer away from any potential dangers:
  • Assign your child a username – Children should have their own account on a PC/Laptop.
  • Teach them never to share any confidential information or personal pictures over  the internet
  • Not to reply to harassment / unknown messages
  • Make  sure web camera is not connected while not in use
  • Parents  and teachers should have an open dialogue / communication about the potential dangers of the internet
  • Check your kids social networking configuration
  • As in real life, the rule of thumb is trust only real friends in social networking sites like Facebook. Beware of bogus friends.
  • Get to know your kids online habits and regularly monitor their browsing records
  • Use  good parental control software to prevent kids from accessing offensive or  undesirable websites.
  • Regularly update your computer’s operating system and applications including Antivirus and Parental Control software.


ESET offers proactive security solutions that help parents ensure a safe cyber experience for their child. Parents can take advantage of the advanced Parental Control feature in ESET Smart Security that boasts three major features which can help protect their children. It includes customizable user roles, web content filtering and activity logging. This helps parents to block web pages, restrict access by category and configure user roles for quick selection. Activity logging gives a detailed log of each session.