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Look and Feel Your Best

Transgulf Management Consultants (TGMC), Centre offering performance based training/ courses for individual and corporates introduces ‘Look and Feel Your Best’ programme in the UAE.

Psychology experts approve that dressing and overall appearance can greatly influence the way you think/ feel and vice versa. Moreover the way we dress, communicate, our expressions and thoughts are first-hand information about an individual and how it is perceived by other people. This course accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is designed especially for fresh graduates as well as kids and adults; to help them reinforce positive and forward thinking and boost their self-esteem.

The course covers 7 key elements among skills needed for personal development This includes body shape analysis, self-grooming, colour assessment, positive thinking, better body language, adapting a realistic personal budget plan, effective communication and listening skills.

“Dressing well and self –care plays an important role in influencing the way you think and express; however it does not necessarily mean that one has to purchase expensive or the latest product. Planning and organising indicates the extra mile you have taken to improve yourself,” explained Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural coach and instructor. “So package your appearance to your best advantage. Proper attire, grooming and personal skills can help you talk, walk and think like a leader.”

TGMC will conduct a three day workshop on 26th September at Authenticity Center, Dubai. The training centre will also hold private / group session for individuals as well as corporates.


Child with greater EQ performs 80 percent better academically or professionally

Sahar MousslyTransgulf Management Consultants (TGMC), Centre offering performance based training/ courses for individual and corporates will be introducing Emotional and Social Intelligence (EQ) programs (in-house and set sessions) for schools and corporates across the GCC.

Studies show that Emotional intelligence is emerging as strong indicator of performance and can be easily enhanced unlike IQ. The workshop/course is designed to assess and deal with a series of negative emotions to realise one’s full potential. Results reveal that these skills improve learning, personal drive, interaction and leadership.  Each session aims to develop key skills into wider practice to spark positive change. TGMC advises parents to develop their Childs EQ from the age 5 years to achieve future success.

TGMC will also hold an introductory workshop on 29th June at Authenticity Center, Dubai. The workshop was run in a number of schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“Negative emotions are mostly fear, panic and anxiety that is mostly learnt and can have a greater impact on how we deal with people and situations,” explained Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural coach and instructor. “IQ is important, however with Emotional and Social Intelligence a person has 80 per cent higher chance of performing well – academically and professional. This is because a person would possess the capability of being in control of situations.”

Emotions play a greater role in decision making that is critical for an individual’s success. Though distinct from IQ; EQ complements it and provides analysis of oneself; providing a set of skills for emotional and leadership development. This includes control of one’s impulses, self-motivation, empathy and social competence amongst others – enabling it to apply to every aspect of our lives; such a personal relationships, work, parenting and so on.

Expert on why entrepreneurs are unable to convert their into real and sustainable businesses

Sahar Moussly, an Author, a Master Behavioral Coachspeaks with Greg Fairlie, Senior Presenter at  Emirates News on the need for Boot camps to help future entrepreneurs

Expert To Offer ‘Pre-Incubator’ Workshops For Budding UAE Entrepreneurs

Life in Harmony, specialists in individual and corporate coaching will offer the first ever series of ‘pre-incubator’ workshops / boot camps for budding entrepreneurs in the UAE. The sessions will help foster innovation, knowledge transfer and bridge the gap between an idea to a realistic and sustainable business.

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute of London; the boot camps/ workshops will be led by Sahar Moussly, an Author, a Master Behavioral Coach, wellness instructor  with a business acumen of over 20 years. The intensive sessions will offer a structured framework to channel and execute ideas; develop required skills, network/ collaborate with other entrepreneurs, knowledge transfer and real-life experiences from successful business men and women.

The first ‘pre-incubator’ sessions will be held 25th November as part of Open Week to introduce communications strategies and basic businesses management – an event hosted by Knowledge Village. Sahar will offer free consultation after the event.

“We are seeing a growing trend of early innovators or dynamic people with viable business ideas but most of them are not able to convert them into real and sustainable businesses. These sessions are designed to help birth new businesses and increase the possibility for a startup to stay in business for the long term,” explains, Sahar Moussly. “The pre-incubator program is a proven and structured driven that helps promising entrepreneurs to channel their ideas, acquire required skill sets and meet as well as brainstorm with like-mined and successful entrepreneurs,” Sahar added.

Eye on health


Suzanne and George speak with Sahar Moussly about laughter yoga therapy and the benefits of a good old chuckle.

Part – 1:

Part – 2:

What’s your reason to laugh?

Something so simple as Laugh, but do we do it every day or every other time – I don’t think so. It’s natural but don’t we need that’s dose to keep you alive and positive. We just take Laughing for granted. Something so profound can actual help us in a long way. Haven’t you heard someone say “think of something positive” when you are down or “smile and the world will smile at you.” Similarly friends or dear ones cheer you up to alleviate your mood.


So there is a good reason, why you need to laugh.

  • Just for the heck of it!
  • reduce stress on anxiety
  • Extra pump to start your day
  • Break the ice
  • Change your/ someone mood
  • Feel positive
  • Exhilarated

I can go on…..So whats your reason not to laugh or laugh

Something interesting on why you should

Dont Quit Yet: Sound Bite from Sahar Moussly

Financial woes and debts have put families/ people under a lot of stress; resulting in more than a few suicide cases in less than a year. Here a sound byte from expert and Master Life Coach – Sahar Moussly, Life in Harmony ( on how to cope under financial pressure. Recorded from Gulf News Broadcast (radio 1 & 2)

(Please listen to the end)