Mexican Chef’s Theatre in Dubai

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Fuego, a Mexican restaurant and bar is hosting an exclusive cooking event for food lovers and cultural explorers, with the launch of Chef’s Theatre. Guests can catch Fuego’s Head Chef, Jose Manuel and his culinary team in the act whilst enjoying the bold and authentic flavours of Mexico. The sessions are available for groups of three people or more and provide one-on-one interaction with the chef; learning best cooking practices and understand Mexican culture and heritage

There is a session for little ones also, who have the opportunity to know a little about Mexico. Fuego offers a special Kids Play session where children learn essential kitchen techniques and fun facts about the country whilst munching on their favourite finger food.

Additionally, Fuego has also crafted a special mixology session exploring traditional Mexican beverages curated by in house Master Mixologist, Eugenio Alvorez.

All sessions include conversations with the Chef or Mixologist, tips and the finest culinary techniques.

The acts being held at Fuego include:

Act 1 – The Perfect Meal Enhancer
Act 2 – The Scrumptious Dip
Act 3 – All Fresh and Healthy
Act 4: Kids Play (until mid-September)
Act 5: Tequila Tasting & pairing
or simply Script your own act, where you can suggest your preference and the team at Fuego can craft a menu.

You can email or call 04 449 0977 to know more or book your tickets


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