Update: BenQ VW2235

Benq VW30 series
Benq VW30 series

For a not a very techie person like me a few ways to check out computer/ pc monitor is the contrast ratio, response time, and colour accuracy to give good visual experience. Following my last post & using the monitor for a few weeks now, here are few highlights on the monitor:

The Benq VW2235 gives you a fairly decent picture experience.

Boasting of an ultra-high native contrast of 3000:1, the adds astonishing colour depth and definition to darkened, complex images giving you a fairly clear and crisp image quality.

You can leave it on the monitor’s default display setting as it is sufficiently suitable for general use; unless you are using it for play/ movies. Its 8-bit VA panel delivers smoother and more stable color transitions rendering a million of color shades simultaneously.

Connecting it both on a Mac and Toshiba laptop the monitor well preserves the color quality of a Macbook/ toshiba display allowing you get almost the same quality on a bigger screen. This monitor promotes the Flicker-free technology that eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue (good choice for those hooked on the screen). Conventional LCD screens flicks 200 times per second. Your eyes may not see flickers, but can certainly feel them.

The screen can be tilted 178°/178° angle to enable a better reading/viewing experience. The stand consists of a white rectangular base and a short white mounting arm with a tilt hinge. You can’t adjust the height, swivel the cabinet, or pivot the screen with this model, also giving you an option to mount it on the wall.

According to BenQ this edition as an improved Eco Mode that adjusts the backlight brightness level to ensure the highest display quality is presented to you with the highest energy efficiency. This intelligent mode reduces at least 37% of the power consumed by document viewing, Internet browsing and emailing and up to 44% of the power consumed by gaming

Conclusion: Simple, elegant and an affordable monitor


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