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A perfect wedding has always been a girls dream – finding the man of her dreams, having the best attire to having an unforgettable day (a real fairytale). Over the years a wedding reception has evolved to match the taste, personality and those long-held dreams of to-be brides / couples.

Today weddings are not just simple dinner receptions but are so detailed; right from choosing the venue, themes, colors, flowers and the list could be endless. Initially parents being tasked with preparation, today wedding planners are in demand in most parts of the world to help a couple guide, plan and deliver that ‘D’ Day. While usually a myth that Wedding planners and organisers come with a ‘hefty price tag’ – imagine the time lost enjoying your special day as there is so much effort that goes into planning as event such as this, which can get even more costlier than you think.

We had a quick chat with Wafa Yahya, a certified Wedding Planner and owner of a UAE based company ‘Ever After Weddings & Events’ that specializes in wedding and event planning and coordinating as well as event set up and management. She has been working in the wedding industry since 2011 and specialises mainly in Arabic weddings as well as other weddings, birthdays, showers and corporate events.

What is so unique about Ever After?

While we offer a one-stop shop covering every element of a wedding ceremony and reception, what we really offer is a more unforgettable experience that couples / people can cherish for their rest of their lives.  We try to consider their ideas, background and the crowd they want to entertain. As we know wedding or any events have their own set of expenses, we offer consultation and look into budget management as to not to overspend while they still having that fabulous time. Some of services include theme generating, venue selection with few exclusive location arrangement, stylist, catering, photography/ videography, décor and floral arrangements amongst others.

We have partnered with local and international vendors and suppliers to offer a complete range of services and products at various price range.

What’s a must have checklist for future bride/ grooms?

The wedding checklist usually contains a list of things that the bride has to prepare for her wedding versus status on that each detail. These lists can be different based on the couple’s requirements. As a wedding planner, I take the pride of creating and updating this list on behalf of my client.

Here is an example and less detailed / simple wedding checklist:
•        New living arrangements
•        Home furnishings
•        Bride and groom dresses
•        Parents attire
•        Additional dresses (bridesmaid, etc..)
•        Guest list
•        Theme
•        Venue
•        Transporation
•        Invitation
•        Social media/ RSVPs
•        Grooming
•        Cake
•        Décor
•        Catering
•        Entertainment
•        Photography/ Videography
•        Bridal registry
•        Gifts and favors
•        Legal requirements for the wedding
•        Honey moon

What is in this season for weddings?

•        Ball gowns are back this season
•        The vintage trend has certainly brought mint & gold colors combination back to the forefront. This refreshing and versatile color pairs well with gold, coral, salmon or yellow
•        Elaborate headpieces for brides
•        Feather and crystal centerpieces
•        Wedding details from the 1920s are popping up everywhere
•        Laser cut stationary and invitation cards
•        Reception lounges, comfortable couches, plush pillows and romantic curtains
•        Wedding cakes are getting brighter and bolder and designs are ever-evolving. Whether they’re hand-painted or composed entirely of ruffles, cakes in this year are making a statement.
•        Grooms are taking more interest in fashion styles from bespoke suits to plaid shirts to vibrant bowties to crystal and feathers decorated boutonnieres, 2013 – 2014 is certainly the stylish wedding season.

Ways to reach Wafa/ Ever After: or Website:


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