Look and Feel Your Best

Transgulf Management Consultants (TGMC), Centre offering performance based training/ courses for individual and corporates introduces ‘Look and Feel Your Best’ programme in the UAE.

Psychology experts approve that dressing and overall appearance can greatly influence the way you think/ feel and vice versa. Moreover the way we dress, communicate, our expressions and thoughts are first-hand information about an individual and how it is perceived by other people. This course accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is designed especially for fresh graduates as well as kids and adults; to help them reinforce positive and forward thinking and boost their self-esteem.

The course covers 7 key elements among skills needed for personal development This includes body shape analysis, self-grooming, colour assessment, positive thinking, better body language, adapting a realistic personal budget plan, effective communication and listening skills.

“Dressing well and self –care plays an important role in influencing the way you think and express; however it does not necessarily mean that one has to purchase expensive or the latest product. Planning and organising indicates the extra mile you have taken to improve yourself,” explained Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural coach and instructor. “So package your appearance to your best advantage. Proper attire, grooming and personal skills can help you talk, walk and think like a leader.”

TGMC will conduct a three day workshop on 26th September at Authenticity Center, Dubai. The training centre will also hold private / group session for individuals as well as corporates.


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