20 new Arabian And Asian Inspired Flavours exclusively this ramadan and eid

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Blossom Sweets will introduce 20 unique treats inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian flavours; including low calorie and sugar-free.

Celebrating the holy month; Blossom Sweets will feature a wide selection of sensational treats and gift hampers starting from 9th July, 2013. Ramadan a time for reflection and giving; the patisserie will also give 5 per cent of every purchase to the Red Crescent Society.

Lamia Ahmed Al Hashly, Owner, Blossom Sweets said, “We would like to wish residents and our customers Ramadan Kareem. Sweets and desserts are an essential part of every meal and especially a sign of hospitality to visitors during Ramandan. Keeping this element in mind as well as the popular flavours savoured during this time, we wanted to offer our customers something unique. We will also be introducing desserts with low-cal and sugar free options.”

Amna Al Hashly, Managing Director, Blossom Sweets said, “The new flavours incorporate requests from our customers which further reflects our competency and passion to offer exciting and unique desserts. Ramadan is a time of reflection and giving and Blossom Sweets will give five per cent of every sale to Red Cresent Society. We would like all residents and customers to be part of this effort.”

This includes:

  1. Banoffee pie
  2. Chai cake with honey-ginger cream
  3. Baklawa cream with roasted nuts
  4. Kunafa with saffron and rose water cream
  5. Short bread fresh mango tart with frangipane
  6. Rose Mahalabia cheese cake
  7. Date and hazelnut roulade
  8. Sago rice pudding
  9. Sticky date cake with toffee sauce
  10. Short bread mango tart, Bonoffee cups
  11. Arabic coffee pot de cream
  12. Mango cup cake
  13. Falooda cups
  14. Strawberry panna cotta with star anis comport
  15. Apricot kamardine cups
  16. Mini rose water mahalabia cups
  17. Kunafa with cream cups
  18. Skinny fruit cake
  19. Sticky date pudding cups
  20. Sugar Free avocado moose cake

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