Child with greater EQ performs 80 percent better academically or professionally

Sahar MousslyTransgulf Management Consultants (TGMC), Centre offering performance based training/ courses for individual and corporates will be introducing Emotional and Social Intelligence (EQ) programs (in-house and set sessions) for schools and corporates across the GCC.

Studies show that Emotional intelligence is emerging as strong indicator of performance and can be easily enhanced unlike IQ. The workshop/course is designed to assess and deal with a series of negative emotions to realise one’s full potential. Results reveal that these skills improve learning, personal drive, interaction and leadership.  Each session aims to develop key skills into wider practice to spark positive change. TGMC advises parents to develop their Childs EQ from the age 5 years to achieve future success.

TGMC will also hold an introductory workshop on 29th June at Authenticity Center, Dubai. The workshop was run in a number of schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“Negative emotions are mostly fear, panic and anxiety that is mostly learnt and can have a greater impact on how we deal with people and situations,” explained Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural coach and instructor. “IQ is important, however with Emotional and Social Intelligence a person has 80 per cent higher chance of performing well – academically and professional. This is because a person would possess the capability of being in control of situations.”

Emotions play a greater role in decision making that is critical for an individual’s success. Though distinct from IQ; EQ complements it and provides analysis of oneself; providing a set of skills for emotional and leadership development. This includes control of one’s impulses, self-motivation, empathy and social competence amongst others – enabling it to apply to every aspect of our lives; such a personal relationships, work, parenting and so on.


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