Pure Gold Jewellers launches special ‘Mum’ pendants

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Pure Gold Jewellers has launched a special Mother’s Day pendants collection symbolizing the eternal bond of love between a mother and her child. All the three pendants in the collection are carefully crafted with diamonds and coloured stones set in a golden heart. Perfect as a keepsake the pendants feature unique designs including a pendant with ‘My Mother My Life’ engraved in Arabic rendering it a personal touch.

According to Karim Merchant, CEO & MD of Pure Gold Jewellers: “Our special edition Mother’s Day pendants are uniquely designed trendy jewellery to be treasured forever. In designing them, we have strived to capture the essence of the greatest unconditional love that we will ever experience in our lives, the love of a Mother. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to honour one’s Mother and show the love and affection she so richly deserves. Our pendants are cheerful and exquisite with a multitude of colourful precious stones and sparkling diamonds; they are also expressive and personal with ‘Mum’ engraved in gold, and the designs reflecting the strong bond between a mother and her child.”

The pendants price range start at a very affordable price of AED 799 with 0.05 carat diamonds and a beautiful precious stone. There is also a beautiful pendant for AED 1,099 with 0.1 carat diamonds lining the heart set in gold with a blend of turquoise and golden colour precious stones.

The Arabic calligraphy ‘My Mother My Life’ pendant is set in gold and 0.1 carat diamonds with a multitude of precious stones in orange, green, blue and purple. It is available for a price of AED 1,799.

The special Mother’s Day pendants are available from Pure Gold Jewellers outlets internationally.


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