Celebrity Chef Launches Contemporary Indian Restaurant ‘Memsaab’

DA2_0090Renowned celebrity Chef Anil Kumar introduces ‘Memsaab’, (Located at the Waterfront Area next to the Bonnington Hotel in Jumeriah
Lake Towers) that guarantees diners an artistic culinary escapade and a modern taste of India. Having cooked for eminent personalities/ celebrities; Chef Anil is known for his ‘Simple and Smart Cooking’ style that tantalizes ones eye and palate.

The cuisine offers a modern touch to traditional Indian curries, tandoors and desserts. Giving prime focus to wellness, most to of the dishes are prepared using the freshest produce and no/less oil. Some of the Chef’s signature dishes include Lucknowi Lamb Kebab, Mutton Korma Badami, Giant Portobello Mushrooms with pickled spices cooked in the Tandoor. The kitchen also promises to offer ‘gluten-free’, ‘lactose-free’ and ‘vegan’ dishes to suit diner’s dietary requirement on an advance notice. Most dishes are presented/ plated live in front of guests for a complete culinary experience. Themed around calm and serene ambience, the restaurant is perfect to relax and enjoy a meal with family and friends.

“The humble profession of cooking took me around the world to more than 20 countries, helping me garner in-depth knowledge of various cuisines and create my own culinary delights,” said Chef Anil Kumar, Culinary Director of Memsaab. “I am ecstatic to introduce my restaurant that exhibits my passion and experience. The menu reflects diversity of food/cooking styles that will satisfy taste buds of every guest or nationality. Dishes are prepared with real an artistic flair by my team and myself to offer a fresh, healthy and yet delectable food.”

Being environmentally conscious, Memsaab extends its efforts within the restaurant to minimise wastage. The restaurant does not serve Hammour on the menu, which is in line with Dubai’s initiatives to preserve Hammour from extinction. In addition, the restaurant sources products that are eco-friendly such as the compressed smoke free charcoal from Australia; to prevent any carbon/toxic trace going into the food.


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