Pure Gold Jewellers launches limited edition diamond jewellery to celebrate the 41st National Day

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Award winning jewellery retailer Pure Gold Jewellers has launched a commemorative two-in-one diamond pendant and brooch in the shape of the UAE National flag to celebrate the 41st UAE National Day. The limited edition pieces are available in rectangular or heart shape and features diamonds and colored stones set in silver and gold.

Speaking about the launch, Karim Merchant, CEO and MD of Pure Gold Jewellers, said: “Our special commemorative jewellery for the UAE National Day represents pride in the country’s 41 year old history. This is a land of opportunities that has rewarded the hard work of both nationals and expatriates and has provided a high standard of living and fair treatment to all under the country’s wise leadership. The special jewellery is a great way to unite ourselves with the Spirit of the Union.”

The two-in-one pendant and brooch features 1 0cents diamonds and 3.5 carat natural color stones set in silver and 18 karat gold at a price of only AED 899.


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