Pure Gold Jewellers adds glamorous new designs to Solitaire and Oystra collection

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Award winning jewellery retailer Pure Gold Jewellers has added new intricate designs to the brand’s several popular collections, including Solitaire diamonds and Oystra pearls range.

The new Solitaire rings, available in quarter carat and half carat, feature bonded hearts set in 18 kt gold with a perfectly mounted Solitaire in the centre.

According to Karim Merchant, CEO and MD of Pure Gold Jewellers, “A Solitaire never goes out of fashion and we strive to keep our Solitaire collection interesting with new exclusive designs that continue to make it the preferred symbol of eternal love.”

The quarter carat Solitaire diamond ring is available for AED 1,999 and is set in 3.75 gms gold with 25 cents diamond. The half carat ring is made of 4 gms gold and 50 cents diamond and it comes with a price tag of AED 4,499.

Also in store are the latest Oystra pearl rings studded with perfectly cut diamonds, adding to the glamorous look. The lustrous pearls, available in two colors, are mounted on 18 carat gold rings studded with brilliant diamonds. Both the rings, available in yellow and white gold, are currently in store for AED 2,499 and are set in 4.75 gms gold with 0.37 carat diamonds.

“We regularly try to revitalize all our collections to keep with the latest trends in the market to offer new and stunning designs to our customers. The new modern designs in the Oystra pearls collection bring out the elegance and beauty of the natural and cultured pearls used in our collection. It is the perfect accessory for any occasion,” added Merchant.


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