Expert To Offer ‘Pre-Incubator’ Workshops For Budding UAE Entrepreneurs

Life in Harmony, specialists in individual and corporate coaching will offer the first ever series of ‘pre-incubator’ workshops / boot camps for budding entrepreneurs in the UAE. The sessions will help foster innovation, knowledge transfer and bridge the gap between an idea to a realistic and sustainable business.

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute of London; the boot camps/ workshops will be led by Sahar Moussly, an Author, a Master Behavioral Coach, wellness instructor  with a business acumen of over 20 years. The intensive sessions will offer a structured framework to channel and execute ideas; develop required skills, network/ collaborate with other entrepreneurs, knowledge transfer and real-life experiences from successful business men and women.

The first ‘pre-incubator’ sessions will be held 25th November as part of Open Week to introduce communications strategies and basic businesses management – an event hosted by Knowledge Village. Sahar will offer free consultation after the event.

“We are seeing a growing trend of early innovators or dynamic people with viable business ideas but most of them are not able to convert them into real and sustainable businesses. These sessions are designed to help birth new businesses and increase the possibility for a startup to stay in business for the long term,” explains, Sahar Moussly. “The pre-incubator program is a proven and structured driven that helps promising entrepreneurs to channel their ideas, acquire required skill sets and meet as well as brainstorm with like-mined and successful entrepreneurs,” Sahar added.


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