Abu Dhabi and Dubai residents can savour new desserts this November

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Blossom Sweets introduces new seasonal desserts/ pastries and offers to complement the November month, which includes flavours such nuts, pumpkin, cinnamon/ spice and more. The bakery will also commemorate “World Diabetes Day” with sugar-free and healthy treats.

Available this Month:

  •  World Diabetes Day: Blossom Sweets will prepare offer low-sugar and healthy desserts. Desserts such as low-sugar choc muffins are carefully prepared, considering an average intake of a Diabetes person.  Blossom Sweets however recommends people with diabetes should first consult their doctors on their allowed intake.  
  • Need for speed: Blossom Sweets welcomes the racing season with themed cupcakes. In addition, people opting for a race- themed cake get a 20 % discount.
  • Nutty Treat: Blossom Sweets welcomes November/ autumn season with desserts and pastries that offer mouth-watering nutty variations. Blossom Sweets will introduce their exclusive nutty tart this November.
  • Pumpkin Roulade: Perfect this November, the pumpkin roulade is generously rolled with mascarpone and a touch of cinnamon is light, flavoursome and just melts in the mouth.

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