Pure Gold Jewellers launches ‘His and Hers’ engagement rings

Award winning jewellery retailer Pure Gold Jewellers has introduced a pair of luxurious ‘His & Hers’ 18 kt gold rings with brilliantly cut diamonds. Designed to complement each other, both the rings have a line of dazzling diamonds in the middle and a satin finish on either side. The shine of the brilliantly cut diamonds reflect the happiness of a perfect union. Both the rings have the same shape making them a pair.

According to Karim Merchant, CEO & MD of Pure Gold Jewellers, “The beauty and rarity of His & Hers rings makes it the most preferred engagement ring. Our exquisitely crafted rings are unique and designed with care and precision. The new His and Hers rings are for the most discriminating couple who take pride in style and elegance and is looking for a unique pair of rings for any special celebration or occasion.”

The bride’s ring features nine 6 cents diamonds with a gold weight of 6 grams at a price of AED 2,999. The groom’s ring is designed with nine 6 cents diamonds with a net gold weight of 6.60 grams and comes with a price tag of AED 3,499.


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