MystiqueMe opens ups in Bengaluru

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Down on an overcrowded Promenade street (Frazer Town- situated at the heart of Bengaluru); it’s hard to miss a small shop with vibrant colours on display. Walk into the shop called ‘MystiqueMe’ and you will be amazed to find something that suits your mood, physique and style – not forgetting your budget!

Leaving a corporate job and friends in Dubai; Christinal Lawrence, Co-owner of MystiqueMe is a modest entrepreneur with bold and clear plans to make it a one-stop for women’s fashion essentials and take it to a few more locations within the state.

As Bengaluru gets its very own Mystique(Me), here is what Christinal (aka Chris) has to say –

MystiqueMe’ is a women’s clothing and accessories boutique which showcases contemporary, casual and ethnic Indian wear, with a touch of western in it. (to blend into today’s needs of the modern women). The bright colours, bold prints, flattering cuts and ensembles all which are crafted using traditional techniques makes each piece of garment unique from the other while it remains chic.”

Opened on May 2012, MystiqueMe is already a fave-spot to the locales’. Her love for her hometown -Bangalore; Chris shared what inspired to open up a boutique; “I have always wanted and dreamt of running a business of my own. As far as I can remember and ever since fashion made sense and meant something to me, I have always wanted to do something in that field. I love colours, style, clothes and bling; basically all things that speak fashion. I relocated to India in October 2011 and was not successful in finding a job, and that began frustrating me. Then with the support of my family I decided I would start something on my own, and like I said I love all things that speak fashion, I decided that starting a boutique would lead me to my ultimate goal.”

Listening to her true calling, Chris had her own fair share of struggles. “Startups are never easy. Out of personal experience, each time I have taken a step forward; I have taken two steps backward/behind, which almost made me give up. Being an amateur and an inexperienced person in the world of business, I had no idea how and where to start and had nobody to consult with other than family. But with the support I got from them we worked together in making a business plan, budget, strategy and schedules. All of which we were unable to stick to most of the times,”

“I would say that being able to stick to the plan and working within the budget was my biggest struggle, because what you plan and budget for never really happens, with the myriads of procedures and startup expenses you have that you never really knew existed, but in the end everything just worked out fine (at least so far),” added Chris.

While we wish her luck – Chris offers a quick advice for all entrepreneurs with a will and passion

Chris says, “I don’t mean to be a philosopher, but as the age old saying goes –The key to be successful is to always believe in yourself and your dreams and no matter what happens, hold on to faith and NEVER GIVE UP. Trust me this is not an easy thing to do and you can take my word for that; as humans it’s a tendency where we always require reassurance and acceptance and that’s some kind of mental pressure, on the positive side it constantly challenges you to achieve.”

She assures, “Hold on to your negative thoughts about failing and doubting yourself (It’s good to have them, because they remind you that you can fall, and it’s but a natural process), But never let it take over your mind, and just like you hold on to negative thoughts, you’ll have to find a constant to be positive and hold on to that as well; basically you need to have a balance of both.”

Her 2-step guide that helps her every way is-

a.) Plan, strategy, budget and ample R&D for whatever you want to do, these things may not always work, but they would surely help you.

b.) Be open to feedback, rejection and criticism, they all come for free and are available in plenty, and you’ll always find people who would give it to you very generously, so don’t lose heart and give up, but find a positive streak in it and learn from it.!/mystiqueme


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