What’s your reason to laugh?

Something so simple as Laugh, but do we do it every day or every other time – I don’t think so. It’s natural but don’t we need that’s dose to keep you alive and positive. We just take Laughing for granted. Something so profound can actual help us in a long way. Haven’t you heard someone say “think of something positive” when you are down or “smile and the world will smile at you.” Similarly friends or dear ones cheer you up to alleviate your mood.


So there is a good reason, why you need to laugh.

  • Just for the heck of it!
  • reduce stress on anxiety
  • Extra pump to start your day
  • Break the ice
  • Change your/ someone mood
  • Feel positive
  • Exhilarated

I can go on…..So whats your reason not to laugh or laugh

Something interesting on why you should http://tinyurl.com/c9tz2tr


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