ESET solution for Mac and new R&D center in Canada

ESET, the leader in proactive protection against cyber-threats, today announced the BETA launch of the next generation of ESET products – ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro. Both deliver ultimate protection against emerging threats for the Mac platform, as well as security vis-á-vis cross-platform attacks targeting Windows or Linux based systems in mixed networks.

ESET’s advanced ThreatSense scanning engine delivers the comprehensive detection capability needed to stop known threats from harming users’ computers and neutralizes new attacks like the Flashback Trojan that recently infected more than 500 000 Mac computers according to ESET’s research. Ultimate protection is enhanced by ESET’s cloud-powered reputation system called ESET Live Grid. To offer an even better offering; ESET invites Mac users to join in public testing of ESET Cyber Security BETA and ESET Cyber Security Pro BETA by visiting

“Security attacks are always on the rise and it will get more sophisticated over time. Even Mac users are either targets of direct attacks or can act as carriers for infections that can infiltrate other platforms,” says Aji Joseph, General Manager, ESET Middle East.  “ESET Cyber Security adds an extra layer of protection to Apple’s built-in Internet security features, detecting and blocking any potential attempts. Our solution in engineered to detect any unknown malware by utilizing advanced heuristics, generic signatures and genetic technology to protect Macs while keeping them running at peak performance,” added Aji.

Some of the new and advanced features of the new ESET Security offering will include Parental Control, Personal Firewall (available only in the Pro version), ESET Live Grid proactive scanning, Web and Email Scanning, Removable Media Control (USB, CD, DVD, Fire wire) and  Cloud Statistics.

In addition, ESET continually invests into research and development to offer the most advanced security solution to companies and consumers and has expanded its global network of R&D centres. The security vendor recently opened another centre at Montreal’s École Polytechnique in Canada, which will be led by Pierre-Marc Bureau, ESET Security Intelligence Program Manager.


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