UAE Ministry OF Labour Boost Its Technology Environment with NEXThink

  • Federal entity procures solution for over 1,300 workstations; in a bid to improve security, end user service quality and reduce management cost
  • Increased customer adoption signals Swiss technology company to set-up base in the UAE

 NEXThink, a global leader in Desktop Monitoring, today announced that under the directive of Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Assistant Under-Secretary of Support Services; UAE Ministry of Labour has opted for its award-winning patent solution V3 to boost its technology environment. The Federal entity deployed the solution across 1,300 workstations. This allows them to monitor in real-time the desktops and applications usage activities, tighten security, boost employee productivity and collaboration, speed up decision making and enhance the quality of its services.

Launched by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Swiss Institute of Technology of Lausanne, NEXThink offers a unique technology solution for medium to large companies and public organizations; enabling them to monitor how desktops and applications make use of the corporate IT infrastructure, tighten security and trim their overall IT budget. NEXThink robust solution offers the UAE Ministry of Labour complete visibility of its infrastructure; requiring minimal overhead or dedicated staff to manage the system and further reduce redundant software usage overtime – thus lowering their total cost of ownership by at least 35 percent.

 In addition, NEXThink plans to set up its regional headquarters in the UAE to address significant demand for its technology in the region. Having sold over 800,000 licenses worldwide, NEXThink already has a strong clientele in the region, such as Qatar Foundation and Qatar Ministry of Interior amongst others.   

Ahmed Al Nasser, IT Deputy Director, UAE Ministry of Labour said, “The Ministry is responsible for the development and labour legislation of the UAE, so it is imperative to have a responsive and secure technology to help us respond efficiently to any challenges, facilitate faster decision making and enhance the quality of our services. NEXThink’s rock-solid solution complemented our system management tools with that unique instant visibility on how endpoints and users are using our hardware and software resources. This enabled us to succeed some important projects and we have been able to dramatically enhance our security, service quality and the speed of resolving end user issues.”

Waleed Al Nokrashy, IT Consultant, UAE Ministry of Labour said, “We are glad to have partnered with Nexthink, as their robust technology solution enables us to monitor endpoints activities in real time with the objective to improve security and end user service quality. NEXThink offers continuous monitoring of compliance and examines whether the management tools used for security, patching, and deployment are working as intended. Its unique feature exposes opportunities for potential savings and reduce our IT spend on unused software, thus offering complete return on investment.”

 “The IT landscape of a government entity is far more complex and requires a sound solution that adapts to growth and responds efficiently to challenges. We are glad to partner with the UAE’s Ministry of Labour to help them boost their overall operational productivity. This partnership represents a significant milestone that helps bridge the gap between an IT and business function of an organization,” said Yassine Zaied, VP MENA, NEXThink. “With NEXThink’s robust solutions, organisations can control their IT budgets and deliver a secure and high-quality working environment, enabling them to better manage their technical and human resources,” Zaied added.

Nexthink’s V3 software is an innovative desktop monitoring solution with a unique feature to map, register and analyze in real time- millions of endpoint activities in seconds and generate meaningful usage metrics to better manage resources, improve productivity, enhance security and reduce overall IT spend.


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